1996 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Questions

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Won't start. No wcm,door lock ck,new computer, Tran sensor, can sensor, coil,distributor and sensor, ignition switch new,starter and battery wires ck. Wire harness shorted out with all wires replaced.
Codes being thrown are P0740, P0711, & P1493.
Is this the wrong clutch plate or the wrong engine?
Flushed heatercore, changed control valve, water is flowing thru heatercore very clean , no sign of coolant thou.

Had new radiator installed last yr. due to a leak when i opened the rad cap. i didn`t see coolant there should be visable coolant at the top right?
Heater hose is hot the other not as equally hot.
Please help!
I have ohm tested the relays checked the fuse and the fuse box. I checked the wire conector for power just before the
tank and I get 12v for about 1sec. when I turn the key to the on position. Then it's gone with no pressure in the line. I turn the key the fuel flow rely clicks then with in 1 sec. the ASD relay clicks. I covered and repaired any burnt or bare wires. fuel pump at 94 ohms.
someone please help
this is from the last post tonight. My gen light stayed on while I was checkin for the obd code to staay clear just 12 and 55 still so far. The van started up after jump but cut off 3 time while I was sitting in the van helping it to stay running while warming up, 18 degrees in detroit right now.afetr the windsheild started to defrost under my feet the idelin started to get a little ruff lik a lite rumble. Nothting major but is tha light trying to tell me something? I run quiet and just needs to warm up but I got cold wanted to make sure I have a charge tomorrow. is it normal for a van to cutoff while running at that age- I hd plaenty of cars to do that but no in a while. Thanks again n advance!! Enjoy the superbowl!
Hello and Im glad to be back I had a better running car since the contour, a ford windstar the shocked me buy being wonderful but I lost it in an accident:( Now I have another PROBLEM! I now hve a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Conversion Van and Ive canged the spark pugs and wires, the distributor, the module, button and cap, the air filter, the crankshaft sensor, had the muffler silenced and I still have my convertor, which is clean an empty, and an oil and change and OIL FLUSH (1996) Big MISTAKE! The Van was giving me a obd code 43, and I rest the computer by diconnecting the neg battery post for an hour and the code went away (I installed the crankshaft sensor with disconnected it and I heard that could cause troblee so), fuel injected,no petal pumping, I tryed to start it up and no love from Koursy, my van name. Were going through courses so. No codes since the reset and I abuot to get a jump in an hour but if it doesnt work...I need HELP!! note-Im a chick but I love to save money and I have a high success rate off of taught Diagnostics- Just still learning!! Oh yeah - afetr the oil flush my van ran like new money til I got into traffic and It stop on me! No power and the light and radio was stilll going, have to pull over like no power steering fluid, and sometimes it started right back up, oother times in the same day til I got home I'd have to wait a while. Before it stopped one of the times, It felt ie a clot was going throught the gas system and the when a big enough plugged it, it was like i felt the power stop in mid air,(was doing like 50). A qiuck shift to neutrual and a turn of the key only worked twice and the other times I had to push It and wait...Today it cranked and only stayed running with foot on gas, i stayedwith it and whe it idled on its own, it ran for 5 mins before shut off. Plenty O Gas!!
i'm replacing the block but the vent fitting doesn't come with it.
There are no lights on my dash, the radio and the horn has no power also there is no interior light.
Ihave no heat, One hose is hot coming from the top of engine, the one going to the water pump is cold,
Will flushing the heater core help ? or should i reverse the hoses on the heater core , will this damage anything? please help winter is coming! thanks
the heater only blows hot air on acceleration,already changed the heater control valve,it is full of coolant,and can't find any vacuum leaks anywhere around the engine, could it be the vacuum canister that is causing the problem ?
no fire...push plug on computer...starts. Runs great then stales and wont crank. Mechanic cleaned connections (plugs) but still leaving me standed. He says I need another computer? Anyone else had this problem? and is it the computer or the plugs to the computer?
how can you temporarily bypass the o2 sensor ?
how much fuel preasure should there be in the cranking will not start. it is fireing,spit and sputter
i did a tune up,coil pack,dist.,cap&rotor,o2-sensor,thermosat and heat temp ran good for 2 days and then started all over again. it would run, then kill. sometimes it would restart sometimes it would not.
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