1991 Dodge Ram 50 Questions

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No spark off coil or off spark plug
Aloha! Changed plugs/plug wires, air filter, oil/filter, distributor cap and rotor. Ten days later truck started alternately loosing power then regaining power. Ran hot because had to press gas pedal to floor to maintain 15 mph movement to return home. All cylinders have proper compression. Mahalo for any advice and assistance!
i was going up hill and my clutch cable broke i didnt no what to do. i talked to one of my friends told me i could still dirve it i just hade to press the gas a little befor i put it in gear and it works i press the gas then ease it in gear well i bought a clut cable thinking i would just have to put it on and thats it but it does not work the thing does not do anything what else can i do??HELP
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