1990 Dodge Ram 50 Questions

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I have replaced the spark plugs & wires, rotor & cap. Pressing the accelerator down has little-to-no effect. What should my next steps be?
When I release the brake peddle all of my brakes are lightly rubbing the rotors still. Is it the master cylinder Hydraulic part letting fluid by and not letting brakes release all the way ?
I dont know if im going to need to take the bearings out or just pull the rotor off if any answers text me at 423-358-8647
1 have a 1987 dodge diplomat and my bearings broke dut to heavy work trying to get out of snow plus i hit a few curbs. The outer bearing broke and caused the inner to break and my wheel was holding on by my break pads. The washer was sandwiched around the bolt that held the hub assembly and i did not have to remove the bolt to take the hub/rotor off it just slid off. i just replaced the bearings and the washer and seal and it was fine till i hit 55mph and i pit maneuver a state trooper because it broke again the washer is not broke but the wheel is i need to know what torque i nedd ti tighten it to because last time i did 100 and also i need to know some segjestions on what went wrong
A metal mount fell off the truck and the clutch pedal is on the floor. The clutch wont return
carb. is to rich. fowling plugs and won't pass emission test.
Truck wont start so im just trying to figure out if there's a fuel shut off switch or not
What can I check? Lost power, won't run or start, no horn, flashers or dash gages. Truck started and ran fine. 2 weeks ago truck did this and then after sitting for several days it started. I did replace the key reminder switch as someone thought that was it. Wrong. Truck ran this morning, cut out one time just before I got to work. then started after work and ran for a few minutes then died on the road. Had to tow it home.
1990 Dodge Ram50 4WD with 2.4L 4 speed automatic transmission and the overdrive won't stay engaged. Swapped out the tranny solenoid and fresh fluid and filter, i thought the solenoid screens were clogged. It will shift into OD and stay for just a minute and then right back to drive and stay there. Any suggestions would be great. Thank You in advance, Jim
I have replaced cutch and cable cecked fluids and I still can not get it to shift. It was stuck in 4 wheel drive I have gotten that to release but I only have one gear I believe 4th What do i do next or is it my transmision
i cannt find the diagonis plug on this truck anywhere and i have replaced fuel pump/regulator/tbi unit /mass air flow /coil and the engine will not run with tbi unit plugged in it is a import it has the 3.0 misabushi engine 4x4 5speed
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