2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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I have a 2013 Dodge Dually and I need to put a 2018 Dodge Dually bed on it will they interchange.
will not start in R But can get it out of park and shift
I can take it out of park but the indicator will not move. So will not start
Indicator does not move.
Just wondering anyone else has run into this. This is my daughter inlaws truck. Bought it new in texas. 2010 dodge cummins diesel 4x4 dualy. Trany went bad. Guys at trany shop can't figure out why number on it don't match vin number. comes up 2008 and 9. I said dodge must used that trany in more than 1 year. Number on rear end comes up its a 5500.
read online needs new computer.
this is a diesel dully. 4 door. pulls to the right. replaced one bad ball joint two years ago. was allright for a while. but they used the cheapest ball joint from auto zone. has all ways pulled to the right sense buying new.
A sctflash hand programmer was hooked to my truck under steering column. It wasnt right for my vehicle now truck wont start and says to service 4wheel drive, trailer brake disconnected, etc. What can i do to get my truck started
6.7lt EGR permanent defect. Chrysler never acknowledged the problem
Is it something I can fix?
Problem just occurred today with new batteries.
Truck always vibrates a little, but gets much worse when pulling. Power loss could be separate issue.
Does the line i
alot of greas on wheel. i figure its a seal.
3 accelerator pumps with key on didn't work for me. Do I have to have message board on certain display or something?
Don't want to take back to dealer for just this if its simple. Alos they changed the oild and didn't reset it like the dummies they have been. They also won't re-cal. my speedo for 19.5" tires.
the trailer brakes work. and the wiring has been checked. but when trailer is hooked up. the truck dings all the time. and the message center say's ( check trailer brakes wiring).
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