2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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I was at an intersection and it completelety shut off. We checked the fuel filter and fuel pump. This is the first time.
ECR issue with cummins engine no engine codes problem when cold ok when hot will only rev to 1800 engine sounds different
low battery then boosted it
the belt blew on my truck so i shut it off. when i went to start the truck again it wouldn't start. it will turn over but wont start. Any suggestions?
vehicle started ok and drove great. I stopped at a resturant for dinner and when I came back the truck just clicked when attempting to start it. Strange that without the key on the electric windows and radio still functioned. Jumpoered to get truck started. Ampmeter registered about 10 amps. Drove truck home and the final block it died and had to coast into driveway. I removed the altenator and took it into O'Reilly's to get it tested and was told it was working fine. What could be the problem?
AC doesnt work at all but blower does.
When I turn on the key but don't start. The check engine light flashes 10 times. What does that mean??
The exhaust has stopped up for the 4th time. On the overhead console says exhaust filter 100 percent full see dealer. We. Took off the region muffler. And the sensors a total of 6 things. I bought a race me pro programmer. But still the engine is still defeated. And says see dealer
The exhaust reburn is something I'd like to get rid of and was told it was possible. Any suggestions?
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