2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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My truck is a diesel and wil not run more then 30 mph! Will not go up any hills ! Had a new transmission put in 1 year ago! What could be wrong?

If this forum is not good anymore could someone please close this website?

I have 2006 Dodge cummins that has blow by. I have a 2001 cummins H.O. short block setting in garage. Can I use the 01 block in my 06? Will everything bolt up properly and all sensors be correct? Is the 06 and the 01 blocks tge same?

Fuel pump wiring plug split into y at one end where does the two wire off y go to

Splits into a y morning where did those_two Wires off the y plit into

Could it be the throttle position control sensor.And where is that located

I was working on a Dodge turbo diesel comings 3500When I went it was I heard a slight clunk noise Then it poured smoke Now throttle won't come up and it wont start

Well test driving the turbo diesel coming 3500I heard a big clunk in the airport smokeNow throw won't come back up or start

while towing a load it will sometimes dump transmission fluid

also while driving up short hills with or without load it will vibrate ding three times abs light comes on then engine light since it was new

There's a grinding whining noise coming from underneath truck when driving down street at any speed and it grids shifting gear s

I just got this truck recently, and I would like to get it to start without spraying starting fluid in it.

I replaced the battery, it turns over fast, but won't start without starting fluid, hot or cold,but runs good after that. get 24 mpg