2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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Pulled truck in driveway it was fine. Went to leave with it and it won't roll over. Lights come on inside, bell goes off that says key is in it. Took starter off had it checked, that's ok.
Friend borrowed truck put in gas. Have changed injector pump and computer, checked injectors. Will turn over but won't start. Will start with starter fluid and dies when starter fluid is gone.
my batteries are bad I replaced with new ones when tried to start my truck it turned but no start then I did the test onboard got this c-code never had any other problems low miles on my truck
I noticed just recently that when I'm breaking I get a hard shift not every time but here n here otherwise it seems to shift fine just wondering if it's an easy fix
We picked up a 2005 dodge 3500 that was broken down. The truck had fluid running out from underneath it. The fluid smelled burnt. We later determined the overdrive case was cracked which caused it to lose all the fluid. We replaced the overdrive and the main cooler line. refreshed the transmission then we inspected the truck futher to find the carrier bearing and the front u joint were bad.
Those were replaced. Because of the lift the drive shaft was not setting level. Because of the heavy maybe to heavy loads this truck was pulling. We advised the people to take the lift kit off and go back to factory equipment.
Pulling trailer and with no warning, I pressed the clutch to shift gears, would not go into any gear. Had to stop, turn off engine, put truck in a gear, and then start off again. Had to start off in 2nd, get to the top of a hill- turn it off and put in 3rd and crank up again. The clutch would disengage the transmission going down hills if pressed so I could coast. A friend swapped out a fuse relay and it started working again, but is this the real problem and solution ? - or did we just get lucky it started to work again by accident?
violent shaking in front end occurs on rough pavement or bridge exp. gaps.have replaced 4 ball joints,front shocks,steering box,tie rods, had 2 alignments,pitman arm, new track bar bushings and none of these things have fixed the problem HELP at my wits end am tempted to just throw a match on the whole works!
I cracked open the bleeder valves on both calipers to get the pistons to release.Then I clamped off the rubber brake line hoses on both sides,leaving me with only rear brakes just to make it home.
This should be an easy fix but I cannopt access the top part to remove the old one and replace it. How do I get at it? Remove dash pieces? If so how do I do that?
Also can the brake booster be rebuilt. Thanks.
pulled trailer home and truck seemed sluggish at take off. Noticed rpm was high for pulling an empty trailer. got home and checked fluid and it was good. unhooked trailer to check truck out and noticed it was still sluggish and it wasn't shifting gears. running about 60 the truck now turns 2800 rpm, used to be 1900. shifted down to 2nd and nothing changed. shifted to 1st and still nothing changed. Any ideas? Is this something electrical or mechanical?
Have repalced roters, can;t seem to get the brake pads to fit over roter
i am replacing the rear drive shaft u joint. do i need to have u joint pressed in or can i change it just by knocking it iout
Will a 2005 Dodge 3500 torque converter fit a 2006 3500?
After pulling a 35 ft fifth wheel about an hour I downshift from 6 to 5 on an uphill pull, the clutch is stiff and the truck will be stuck in gear until it cools, usually about an hour. I took it in and a bad slave cylinder was diagnosed. had it replaced but the same thing happens? Do you have a suggestion, truck has 70K
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