2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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I have airbag light on, had airbag recall work done and light is still on. They said ORC fuse is missing wondering where it is located if there is one
1-2x/Week ..... car will cut-out or not accelrate ... almost like a sensor isn't recognizing the foot peddle is moving/depressed. Car/engine just idles ... shifting is fine during the "idle" .... normally with a shut-off and restart of engine everything is fine .... if car is rolling when occurs then pumping the peddle rapidly for 5-10 seconds causes the accelerator to re-engage. Thoughts?
Had the transmission rebuilt last year and it started messing up within a couple hundred miles. They told him when the truck was fixed before that they don't warranty 4 wheel drive transmissions. Well now it's doing the same thing again and he took it back to the same shop. We really need some help here.
will not start without starting fluid changed out the high pressure fuel pump still needs start fluid
This problem does not happen all the time, but it sometims slip in 1 & 2nd gear.
some times i can shut the truck off then restart it will work fine
The transmission solenoid and pressure sensor were changed.
The code P0524 says engine oil pressure too low...Explain this when there is a transmission problem... This occurs every time vehicle is used.

We had this problem a few years back and a part in the steering column was replaced. It went this time the same way, which makes us think this is it again. It is the part that runs the fan located in the steering column. It is about 4-6 inches long and attaches to wires. Can you tell us what the part is called and if you have a part # for it? Thanks
The light flashes in lo, so I switched to hi and it worked, I was able to get up the hill. The light in hi does not flash. What is the problem? If I forget to turn off the four wheel drive does it damage the transmission.
wont start after I ran out of diseal and have had this problem before and it was a fuse cant find a bad fuse. I heard there was more than one fuse can you help me with the locations
from 2001-2010 maintance repair cost. what is the most reliable truck
I replaced speed sensor and that helped a little
Just purchased a dodge diesel 3500 with only 40k miles on it.. all seems fine with it except, when cruise control is on and you hit the brake the cruise control doesn't cancel so while the brake causes the vehicle to slow, the cruise is actually accelerating so it surges ahead crazy when you let up on the brake. What could be faulty to cause the cruise not to disengage when the brake is pressed?
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