2003 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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all vents change as they should , good heat and flow out of rt side vents but cold air from left side vents
vents, including floor vent with good flow ,,, all dash defrost vents has good flow but no heat
slight rattle from blower motor as i have recently moved mode knob to recir from interior to increase fan speed

Teboth directions sted acuators using battery and it turns but when plugged in it wont turn
Trouble starting after setting overnight no matter weather. Starter fluid used and will start. Starts fine for rest of day unless parked on angle.
un plugged a wire ASB sensor maybe, motor stopped running. Is this a sensor issue?
But the directional control does not work temp control stays hot and the air condition and heater control mirror does not work the fuses are good
shifts fine when it is cold. soon as it gets hot it dose not go in 3 gear till rpm are high. any help would be great
until i let off the gas
Until I back off throttle
Have replaced the heater control module, have replaced the resistor, have tested the blower motor and it is ok, still will not come on
We have milky reddish transmission fluid and coolant. What would cause this to happen?
I am installing the upgrade to place the fuel pump inside the fuel tank (as opposed to mounted on motor) and have found an extra vent line on the new part. Where does it go?
My 1 ton had a recall to relocate the pickup fuel pump to inside the tank. I have the bed off the truck and have the part, just need instructions for the install. What terminal does the wire relay connect to for the relay in the kit?
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