1997 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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I had a Chrysler town country van here , I used the alternator off of it to put in my truck that's a 97 ram 3500 cummings. Now it shows to be charging but does not , when I turn the truck off it is completely dead. So I wired it in without the VOLTAGE REG(RV) and it shows to not be charging on gauge untill I turn the key Off and the it goes up to 14 but the truck doesnt shut off I have to uplug the fuel solenoid valve get It to shut off. But know the fuel pump thats wird to the ignition cicuit stays on
It's a 97 cummins turbo diesel single cab flatbed dually
On a dodge 3500 15 passenger van,the engine light came on and runs a little louder than usual , just happen today
Airbag light on while driving 97 3500 cummings
When I accelerate it will direct it through the defroster, when I let up on the gas it comes back through the dash vent.
Thanks for your help.
replaced all brakes drums and roders
My temp gauge is not moving off cold in winter, summer is ok. No heat in cab
every cold day
1997 Dodge dually diesel. Temp gauge started jumping earlier this week. Will go up into the hot range and then instantly drop back down to cold. Then slowly warm back up and drop again. This is taking place during my normal 10 mile trip home from work. No load on the truck. Any ideas?
If I have air in the injector pump due to a leak in the return side of the fuel system, how do I get the air out of the injector pump?
Last week out of the blue it would die when I would slow down to stop and to start it I had to have it floored then keep pumpin the gas to keep it runnin for about 30sec..I took it to a mechanic and he put it on a computer it checked out ok and he took the fuel filter out and it was black so he changed it and the truck started right up and has been runnin great..went 1000 miles and its doing it again and its only been a week since the fuel filters been what can it be their are no warning lights on the dash either
I have a really bad transmission leak...every 200 highway miles I have to put a quart in and it only leaks while in drive and nuetral, if its in park it doesn't leak
My cruise control light comes on but it won't set.
starter just about cranks not enough to start batteries fully charged
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