1995 Dodge Ram 3500 Questions

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Need estimates for parts and labor
will speed up when gas pedal is punched.
All fluid levels are fine
This sensor has a Black/Light Blue and Tan/White wires going to it so I believe it's not the IAT sensor as all wiring diagrams I have been able to get hold of show that the IAT sensor has a Black/Light Blue and a Black/Red wires going to it. There is a Throttle Body Temperature sensor in the Throttle Body with a Black/Light Blue and Black/Red wire going to it so I believe THIS is the IAT sensor. The wiring diagrams I have for this vehicle do not show any sensors with a Black/Light Blue and Tan/White wire going to it and most diagrams show that the IAT sensor is in the left front of the intake manifold. I am throughly confused. Can you help ?
Heater core is leaking and have been using a good stop-leak, but the windows fog when heater is first used.
My vehicle is a 4X4 doully will 5.9L D six cyc.
The truck will crank, but will die. Giving it fuel will not make it stay cranked. Replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter but that changed nothing.
my truck will not stay in overdrive it keeps shifting back and forth
I may have a bad throttle sensor as I was riding down the road and lost all throttle. The engine will crank and idle, but just cant accelerate. I have checked to make sure the cable still works when pressing the gas pedal. If I do have a bad throttle sensor is it hard to replace as in should a joe try it or should it be taken to the pros?
If I select drive when moving out on the highway the transmission kicks in & out steadily when it gets to the speed overdrive kicks in. The overdrive doesn't lock in --- it just continues to shift in & out constantly. This is a rebuilt transmission with 20 miles on it. I have run it only to test it in high. The rest of the time I have kept it in the next lower gear so as to not damage the trn.
1995 Dodge Ram 2300 Dually V10 When pulling lightly loaded horse trailer today, I had much "thumping" and pulsation in the pedal when braking. Happened at both low and higher speeds. Nearly didn't stop at one point. I am female and would like to have an idea of what the heck to say when I take it to a shop!! THX!
i,m not get fuel to the filter
I need to replace the front passenger side u joint on my dodge ram 3500. Would like to know the exact proceedure in removing it
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