2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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Engine dies randomly when I slow down to 5 to10 MPH such as slowing to make a turn into my drivewaythen takes a couple tries to restart the engine.
I just found out it was a recall problem last year will I have to foot the bill since I'm the second owner
Whether the truck is idling, driving, or just starting. 90% of the time it blows hot air. Dealer says freon is fine and they replaced valve. Any suggestions?
I have less than 25,000 miles and had to have the second battery replaced. First in Jan., my driver's side went out, now Nov., the passenger's side. Both times, truck went dead....any ideas, the dealer replaced one each time.
how do i fix this problem is there a sensor or something to be replaced
The owners manuel says to lubicate the front drive axle at every oil change. I can not find any grease serts or ports to apply grease. Would like to know how to do this.
I have a loud clicking sound behind the center dash at every startup which lasts about 30 seconds. It sound like a plastic gear trying to engage and skipping. Does anyone know what this is and if i can fix myself without having to take to the dealer?
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