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no code appears but check engine light is on.
Pressed tow-haul mode, locked in 4th gear and blew transmission on mountain pass. Almost went over side of mountain
truck stalled while plowing. I was shifting between drive and reverse. Now nothing happens when I turn the ignition key to restart. there is a slight pulse on the brake pedal the first time you turn the ignition on but nothing else.
Do I have to wait for the plugs to heat up before driving. I don't see a light or indicator to say it is ready to start.
when I bought the truck in Jan. 2010 it got 21 - 22 mpg on the highway. In March or April they callad and said to bring it in for a recall. They re-flashed the computer and immeadiatly it went to 16 or 17 mpg and I don't know what to do to offset the reprograming.
My wife took the truck in yesterday for a warranty repair. Last night she tells me they recommended that the transmission be flushed and the rear differential service be performed.

First response was that they were crazy. Second response is that I'm ticked off. They implied that if she did not have the work perfiormed that it would void her warranty.

Reviewed the recommended maintenance schedule and all I can see is changing the transmissin at 60000 miles and also changing the rear axle fluid at that time too.

Can anyone tell me a reason they did not take advantage of her and lie to her.
where are the grease fittings
When I start the truck the oil pressure gauge is a little high, but then goes down; but each time I start to drive and give it gas the gauge rises each time I push the gas..What could be wrong?
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