2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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The converter has been bypassed about 3 months ago now it started smoking today with very little power can anyone help please
2008 2500 diesel auto. will eventually start with long cranking. dealer said #6 injector weak causing long cranking now the run-on
i have replaced exhaust and unpluged the sensors. i have the juice with attitude by edge programmer installed on it, please advise.
2008 Dodge ram 2500 heavy duty 5.7 liters will not start checked fuses and the etc light and check engine light is illuminated giving the code p0882
What should the procedure be to change the thermostat in my 2008 6.7 Cummins Diesel to avoid any problems? Thank You
Driving on a flat Florida road, 55 mph with cruise set,small bump sound & transmission quits working,stranded!
What happened?
Woke up this morning to temp of 22 and a truck that won't drive. Had no hints, warning signs or sensors going off alerting to any problems that might be starting and drove it just last night, shifting perfectly. Wondering if anyone has ran into this same thing and if the really cold temp is a pos. reason.
Where is the connection for the brake controler?
i have already removed the cables and cant see where it is still attached
feels like manual trans slips in third gears when driving and changing gears
After changing my oil, how do I clear the" oil change required" warning from the overhead console?
Where does the control feed come from
Hi, my ABS light came on awhile back. I took it to the dealership and they said it was the speed sensor that is in the rear end, I had it replaced and the light is still on. I have checked all the wiring and can not find anywhere that it is broke, all of the fuses are good. Can you help please
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