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Several times in the past week the truck will go into a neutral like state, slowing down and finally catch again or not catch at all and I will have to pull over, turn the engine off, wait and few minutes and try again. The check engine light sometimes comes on and sometimes it doesn't. It is currently on now but our obdii only reads 8888. Mileage is 130,031. RPM will go high to 2500 but goes down if it catches again.
Have typical trans problem of trans cant decide what gear to be in when at low speeds had fixed twice went out again 78000 miles on truck. Now truck is stuck in low linkage is jamed in tranny???? Diconected linkage and shift lever on trans is stuck in low gear....not a 4x4 ......any ideas can i drop pan and see linkage from their ? Is tranny shot or just lemon.
Truck will not start, no cranking. Disconnected batteries at same ti.E and tried no progress. I checked the codes from the dash an it doesn't show any. Fuel pump runs non stop when key is in on position. Checked all fuses and all are fine. All lights ,radio, blinkers wanted to send power direct to ECM but don't know power supply or what wires to tie in to. Please someone respond with fix or advice to test something else.
hood struts replacements
Heater blows hot on passenger side but not driver side.Every time you start truck the lights come on for comp and recirculate buttons.I can turn off by pushing buttons.Heat comes out passenger side but not driver side. The lights on button issue makes me think main controller. Please help
The engine warning light is also on.
jacked up the front tires on 4x4 dodge spin tires the front driveline turns, with transfercase in 2 wheel drive is this normal?
the abnormal shifting happens seldom but seems to happen only when the vehicle is at operating temperature
The LED are on saying it is on but it doesn't blow out. Is this a fan switch issue?
Catalytic converter was stolen
Stolen, need a new one
I had my 2007 Dodge diesel truck in the shop, the transmission was rebuilt at a cost of 6500.
one week later I get a check enginee light with the code P1740.
I return the truck to the shop and the tell me I need to replace the front transmission pump and torque convertor, I will have to pay for the pump to be replaced.
have a 07 dodge ram 2500 with the 5.9 cummins. I've had this truck for two years now and installed a smarty Jr. Progragramer on it shortly after I got it. It has been an awesome truck in till now. First my engine cooling fan went out, so I replaced it. Within a weak afterwards the fan ripped the wires off the front of the clutch. I then just put a used one on for now in till I can afford the electric fan setup. Now after a couple of days I was driving to work and noticed at highway speeds I lost power tremendously and my glow plug light came on like it threw a code. I pulled over and checked for codes but none showed. It kept doing it so I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and it didn't fix the problem. I replaced the fuel filter and noticed some dirt and settlement in the filter bowl so I cleaned it out and still didn't fix it. I can't figure it out. Some people say it could be the lift pump in the tank cause it acts like it is starving for fuel at highway speeds but starting from a stop it has power so I don't known I need some good help please.
Are Prostart, ToughOne, and Gold Duralast standard brands? What is recommended?
Turned off engine now the truck won't start back up it crankes but won't start does anyone know what could cause this
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