2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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I need to know how transmission fluid I need to do a transmission fluid change on my dodge RAM van 2500 engine size 5.9
It starts in the morning but whem i turn it off it doesnt wants to start again i have to start it spraying fish for mosquitos in the air cleaner
I have a cummings diesel 5.9 auto trans and the oil pan has tiny rust pin holes in it. How much should it cost to replace the pan? Thank you
Amp meter drops to nothing but may show charging after sets and cranked but eventually shows no output again. Alt showed ok and batteries new
I bought a master solenoid kit and before I could put it on my transmission stopped shifting into over drive. So I drained the fluid and found that a plate in my over drive assembly broke apart. I ordered a new overdrive assembly and installed it along with the master solenoid kit and it still won't shift into overdrive. My transmission is a 48RE. After my test drive I could smell burnt fluid.
Do you set the timing on a Dodge Ram 2500 5.9
Just started doing it, no clunking, blower fan works equal from both sides, single control for both sides.
It doesn't seem to me that these items are fused the same or connected in anyway. Fuses appear to be Ok, what else should I be looking for?
turn my heater on and is always on the vents ,the knob turns freely but hard to get it to switch to defrost or on the floor
when I turn left the steering will stick and is very hard to turn back to the right,then it will suddenly release and be normal, also makes a grinding noise when turned hard to the left,Nothing seems to be rubbing, stock wheels and tires stock suspension, replaced right side ball joints recently and had front end aligned
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