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Recently, it has been taking about 8-10 seconds of cranking to start when engine is at outside air temp (approx 70 deg. F) ; also having repeated 15-20 seconds of cranking when engine temp is fully warm (approx 180 deg. F); no check engine lites or codes; have replaced fuel filter and low pressure fuel line. no air bubbles in line; I have a DTS that can do live data readings - if there is something specific I should be looking for. Thanks.
It started about a year or two ago ....cold start issues....over the last 2 years it has gotten worse...I've had the fuel transfer pump replaced this past home and woke to 50 degrees out side and did not start...brought it back to the mechanic and he replaced the #3 fuel fired straight up home and the next morning Thanksgiving started at 5:30..thought to my myself great....a couple hours later leaving the house it would NOT start...cranked over but not I decided to replace a relay and the heater grid did not turn over....any other ideas would be greatly appreciated .. thank you
replaced fuel lift pump and started without either 20 times or so but each start cranking took longer. Now back to using either. replaced fuel rail pressure sensor did not help
It doesn't matter taking the battery cables loose or sticking a computer to check it. Both lights stay on!
After running truck an shut off will not start. Will turn over but kills battery because it will not start until it cools down
After this my map lights came on. i took out the remote starter and seen that it was melted. The map lights will now not shut off. I had my truck scanned and it pulls no codes. I have turned the dimmer switch on and off, disconnected the battery, checked the fuses and none of this seems to be the problem. They even come on and flicker when I am driving. They are dim when flickering. Is there anyone else who has had this problem and is there a way to fix it?
The truck seems to be confused when in OD and keeps downshifting and up shifting rapidly. Since the change of the TPS it seems to loose power and go to dead pedal for brief moments. As i said this problem only shows up after the truck has been setting for several hours. i can drive to work in the morning and it has these issues but when i go to lunch four hours later the problem is not there. same for when i go home at 5 there is no problem till the next morning.
power steering fluid leaks out of screw in lines with o rings replaced o rings same problem .
I'm purchasing this diesel , six speed and may have to replace clutch.
When I'm driving down the road after 15 mph the doors keep locking the door ajar light keeps beeping and dome light is on only when on the throttle but when I let off throttle everything stops. And cruise control it doesn't do those things.
the a/c works in the truck but when you turn on the heater it doesnt heat up and it stays cold and when you try to change the direction of the air blowing it stays on the front blowers and it stays cold how do i get the heat working on it again it just randomly went out
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