2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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help with my truck,im in the prossesing of changeing my fuel pump ,ive already dropped the tank and replased it from the tank.i need someone to come to my house that is qualified to do electrical multimetering so all the relays and fuses to the injecters have the right amount of amps and answer soon would be nice

starts now and then but most of the time it doesn't the only way to get started is to open fuel line under hood while someone turns over engine? what could this be, has had variety of codes last ones were 1693 and 1389, dealing with ASD last time was 0213 dealing with pump timing, i don't believe these are cause but i am not a diesel expert. thanks

I need access the acuator rods to unlatch the doors. The doors try to unlatch but it seems that there is not enough travel in the rods to fully release. Don't know how to remove inner door panels with doors closed. Need help! Thanks

its a 2001 Dodge 2500 cumming 24 valve turbo diesel 4X4,3/4 ton

but when i let off the gas pedal it shifts what is it

The engine continues to have multiple misfires ever since It was installed in 2005. I'm running a MSD 6A ignition and just replaced the coil, battery, alternator, plugs (stock plugs), belt, cap and rotor. All the sensors on the throttle body have been replaced too.
It does it mainly at low rpm. Fuel pressure checks out good.
Any ideas?

It goes back up to about 28 lbs when rpm reaches 1000 or more.

My truck is vibrating on acceleration and I would like to get an estimate for replacing the u-joints

The high beams won't turn on. Replaced the bulbs, still don't work. The high beam indicator light will come on but not the high beams themselves?????

Multi-function switch was replaced. What else could be broke?

I know P code 1693 is a companion code... I used a snap on scanner and it said no communication. could not get any other codes out either.. I have replaced ecm on fire wall, still no start.. How can i find out what it is if scanner wont pickup any codes ?? We know the scanner works.. Pcm on side of block what does that control ? Injector pump ?? NEED HELP !!

I have changed fluid & filter.changed vss sensor,even ran w/overdrive off didn't help. seems fine at highway speed,only does it at rpm range when it should shift!

This "Squeeking" sounds like a bearing squeek or when a brake pad is "Glazed", It rolls with the truck ,picks up with higher speeds,quiets when applying brakes, may come back on when turning steering wheel or even just driving straight.I have stopped truck and pumped brakes "hard" and seems to stay quiet longer ................loose brake pad(s) ????????

Truck will slightly surge forward when my foot is on the brake as I come to a stop or as I release the brake before hitting the accelerator. Symptom occurs irradically and sometimes the surge is more pronounced than others. This is not an engine surge it is a vehichle surge. No codes are present. No mechanic thus far can offer a solution.

we have checked all the fuses and bulbs and chased the wires down to the break lights are and still haven't found anything wrong can you please help