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Hi. My name is Dustin and I drive a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, and when my foot is on the accelerator to speed up. It doesn't shift up until I let off the pedal for a second then it shifts. Every now and again it shifts up then downshifts on its own. So far itll shift when I let off the pedal but 1. It does this every time. And 2. The faster I am trying to get up to speed the more it keeps downshifting. I pretty much have to drive it like a grandpa for it to shift the way I need it too. 
2001 Ram 2500 diesel, automatic, 360000 mile.
While driving instruments died except the tach. it works, I have a " no buss" display in odometer, overhead trip display has "CCD" displayed. Trans. doesn't shift seems like it is in 2nd gear which is what it was in when dash went dead. What should I look for? how to test the pcm to see if it is the issue?
until a few min.then runs fine diesel
it acts like its not making any compression. even if my injection pump was bad because it's happened before. if you take some 2cyl mixed gas and spray it in the intake. it will fire up. mine doesnt even try. i drove to town. went in and got something to eat. came out and it hasnt tried to start since. the code it throws is no help. everyone says the code is related to the lift pump but in my opinion it acts like the valves are open when they should be closed building compression
transmission also slips around 45-55. truck has 235000 miles and has good power. What is my problem? 2 shops do not no.
How long would the seal/gasket last
ac/heat work good and temp control works good , just stuck in defrost or top vents only
Makes low growling sound
It idoler pickup goes out ?
Will it still run ???
ABS,Parking brake,check engine lights always on while running .speedometer working. any help ,would APPRICIATE IT.
I'm having the engine replaced in my 2002 Dodge Ram. Would this be a good time to have the heater core replaced? Or do they still have to go through the dash on the passenger side to replace it.
need a quick fix.
I was going down a trail and there was a mud hole and I went through it and about half way threw it truck Cutts off and I have to let it sit before it will start again.
I turn it off and restart the truck trans runs fine again
Could the crankshaft sensor cause this once it gets warm or hot I have replace the spark plug wires, spark plugs, ignition coil, and cap and rotor.
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