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My 20 amp starter sol fuse pops when i try to crank the engine. This does not happen every time but is getting worse.
Tranny has been shifting fine, no heavy pulling just standard driving. started 2 days ago. place it into drive and it was slow out of neutral when cold. after warmed up, it shifted fine. As of this morning it goes into drive and reverse gear okay when manualy shifting but will not upshift to 2nd out of drive under standard driving conditions. Fluid has been overfilled at some point.
When I initially start up in the morning there is no power. I have to wait till it gets close to running temperature before I have full power. Is this common or is there a problem? there are no air leaks, nothing wrong with fule system, and the air filter has been changed. Also when I'm parked and I throttle up, it will miss wnd blow out unburnt fuel out exhaust!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
A few day a go my check engine light came on. I have read the code and it reads P0336. I have the new part but have no idea where to replace it. I have had several answers as to where goes. Can you please help with this problem?
I put a new steering column in my 2000 dodge ram 2500 and it has no power and will not start,only the hazard lights work,I was told it needed reset by computer because of the anti-theft, what else could be the problem?
I have a manual transmission. My interior lights were working and there were no fault codes. I installed an uplift pump and a new radiator, a fuel sender unit, a windshield wiper motor and 2 batteries. Now I am getting a P1698 fault code dealing with tcm and my interior lights are not working. So what could be wrong, my transmission is not automatic.
The engine will crank over but it will not start. The lift pump has been checked out and is good but when you turn the key on the lift pump doesnt come on...The ignition switched as been checked and it is also good..Please Help..
my trans seems to slugish when i go to go what should i do about this
every time i give it gas it blows out smoke what would i do about this.
How do I find out if my truck is 49 state or California certified.
A recent purchase of a 2000 Dodge 2500 with the cummins diesel engine. So this may be a basic question. The truck at 60,000 miles. My question is I noticed the other day more "AIR" noise comming from the exhaust that before. I have owned the truck for 4 weeks, so I am by far not an expert with diesel engines or noise. Power and fuel mileage seem to be the same. Is this normal?
Can anybody please tell me where the crankshaft sensor is located on a Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel? This truck is in Haiti with no access to a Dodge dealer or any mechanic that could help for that matter. We have purchased the sensor, but cannot find where it goes. We asked a diesel technician at the dealer we purchased the part at. He told us that it's on the driver's side above the starter on the block, and that the three wires sticking out of it should be visible. We still can't find it.

If anybody can take a photo showing its location and email it to me, that would be absolutely wonderful!

Send email to: Ram2500 at

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