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k i have a 2000 dodge 2500 with a v10. sometimes it takes off fine others it is real hesitant and runs like crap and at an idle it misses. as i drive and it does it i was told it smells like raw gas behind me and its only the drivers side doing it. i rebuilt the motor completely only thing not new is injectors and coils. the engine light isnt even comeing on. im lost and hopeing for some help so i dont have to take it to the dealer. any ideas
difficulty, time and tips.....

Thank you
Sudden total loss of power...Will start and idle, but not accelerate aboe 1300 RPM.....
Changed the fuel filter...did not help....
When I started my truck yesterday all of my dashboard guages quit working my speedometer read the correct milage for several seconds the read "no bus". At the same time all of my warnig indicators came on. This is occuring everytime I start my truck.
I recently replaced the front disc brake calipers and pads because one of the pistons got stuck. However, I have bled the system about 5 or six times and cannot get any pressure. The ABS motor has also started running all the time. Thought it might be the master cylinder?
When i go to start my truck itgets to thepoint of starter disengage and it does not start. When i try to start again it won't do any thing,go to start and all the dash [info] lights go out and no start engage. I tried to jump start it but still nothing. I waited about 30 min.and tried it again and starter would engage but not run. I waited over night and it started with out battery booster. Can you give me any information on this problem It has hapened 3 times.
i have a 2000 dodge 2500 5.9l gas heater plowes warm for 2 or 3 second on passinger side then turns cold , both hoses are hot thermistate is good ,what do i need to do? and what does the air condition pump going on and off got to do with the heater
Where do you add auto transmission fluid and what type of fluid?
I have a 2000 Dodge cummins put a new blower motor and fan in it works on all speeds also comes out of defrost,vents, and floor fine but just dont blow very good, wondering if it could be a vacume problem?
on troubleshooting i got a code of p 0753 shift solenoid a. i know it's electrical. tranny was just rebuit in april. anyone tell where it's located?
gravity swith does not work when closing the hood it stays on
4x4 stop working last week,manual shifter engage but control light doesnt show anything,is that electrical problem or mechanical
could someone explain how to remove the oil pan? THought it would be a quick fix, but can not seem to get the pan off.
direction on how to replace heater core
Hello: My husband's truck has been acting up for almost a year and it is getting progressively worse. There are no engine light displayed or diagnostic codes revealed.The one time I was riding in it at the time, approx speed 50-60 mph, when it missed, it reminded me of the rumbling sound the diesel engine makes for start up. My husband says it also misses when it is idleing in park. So far we have replaced the following: Injector fuel pump, lift fuel pump, crankshaft sensor and cam sensor. Our dealer is stumped. At the end of the day, there does not appear to be any specific range of 'rpm's' that this problem occurs. It's a hit and miss basis. The truck has 135K miles on it and we are the original owners and do regular maintenace, oil changes, fuel filters, etc.
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