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My A/C worked fine when I parked truck Friday probs. Monday a.m. it only blew reg. air. Clutch on compressor isn't turning. I swapped relay w/no change. I jumped post 3 to post 5 and clutch activated. I wired in post 1 and 2 thru relay and left jumper across post 3 to 5, started truck, verified that clutch was engaged and still had no cold air.
going to pressure bleed these brakes cant find sequence
change oils in front axle rear axle 6 speed transmission and transfer case
this is a recent development. It did not happen when I first got the truck. There was a burnt out fuse for the trailer, that was replaced and an electronic brake was installed. Now the parking lights stay on even when the light switch and the ignition are off
On my 1998 dodge diesel 2500 I drove from work shifting fine I stopped for about 5 min turned off engine. Got back in now no other gear besides first could a vacuum leak cause this or is it bigger. Just changed fluid month ago. No problems till now.
Dodge Ram 2500 Edge Chipped....repaired flex plate and starter in september 3 weeks ago did the same thing..any other cause...also sometimes it wont turn over its not power cause all electronics will work if you slam it into park it seems to start. Please help. I spent $3450 in September and I think I was Dooped....
When I start to drive off it reves real high and barely moves until I get to about 15 or 20 mph. Changed tranny fluid and filter. After I changed those two things it ran great. Now its doin it all over again. Once I get goin it shifts like a dream. What do you think
when sw is off everything is normal.switch the selector to a/c or to defrost and the engine will seem to back off and then surge about 40 to 50 rpm. thought it was my transmittion slipping at first but only does this when the sw. is turned to a/c or defrost. it does this every few seconds not contineously. just intermettently. thanks, hope i gave enough info.
i have a code p1391
My 2000 Dodge Diesel 2500 4x4, started using alot of fuel. I use to get 20 to 23 mile to gallon. 18 pulling. About 7 years ago it started using alot of fuel. Getting 15. And 10 pulling. Its been in the shop 3 times for this and I was told it was fixed. I have put $8000.00 in that motor and it is still the same. Could you please help with answers. Thanks ga
mostly up hill or towing a load. i use correct octane plug's....good oil pressure.
it is like fuel is shut off, let cool and it will start again
driving down the road or shifting thru the gears it will act like its running out of gas, so i changed the fuel pump,it still does the same thing ,it will all so pop thru the throttle body wen u try an keep it going
fuel pump is good, barety is good. alternator is good. fuse is good, the truck cranck but dont start
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