1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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he truck fires and idles perfectly but when i step on the gas pedal nothing happens. throttle cable and throttle position sensor is good 1999 diesel 2500 2wd

I turn the key forward everything comes on as normal, go forward to crank to start and radio clock goes out and no crank
We bought a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 and started having trouble with it shifting (automatic) out of 2nd. Gear, after checking fluids and such my husband discovered there weren't any bolts on the transmission bell housing.. He is having trouble finding the correct size bolts to use!!
How long have you had this problem? 2weeks or so
Have changed cam sensor, fuel transfer pump and injector pump. Pickup starts great when cold but won't start when warm
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when engine is hot
How long have you had this problem? five months
BUT WHEN PULLING A GRADE ABOVE 6o mph runs just fine! I just had a dodge mec. and he adjusted the front band on trans. and the problem went away! FOR 1 WEEK ! then came back! I also replaced the driver side sensor on tranie. and I very rarely tow anything!
The truck has a loping idle when it sits at a stop sign and when it shifts into gear it dies (sometimes) I replaced the crank sensor about 2 months ago . A few days ago it threw a 216 code and I fixed a leak on the fuel filter and it went away but now it has no codes just the loping ide and dying issue!!?
when I turn my truck on it stays on strong and when it wants itl"ll reverse or it"ll forward
My 5.9 Cummings will not start when she's hot I changed the thermostat I change the fuel lift and I change the fuel filter and I change the air filter the only thing left are my fuel injectors in my fuel injector pump I check the sensor relay it's working help me
My family has owned Dodge Rams for about as long as I can remember, so I know the usual RPM at 70mph is typically right around 2000RPM. We bought this truck used from a guy that bought it at an auction, so I have zero history on it.

No matter what speed you're at the RPMs are always way over. It sounds really loud, like it's making an enormous effort just to go. If you press the O/D button the light in the dash turns on that the O/D has been turned off but there is no difference in RPMs or anything else.

It is also leaking oil (it seems like just while is running) not sure if it's related.

I haven't changed any parts on it as a need a better idea of what it could be before I start buying parts.
how much to take to a dealer to replace?
Replaced ignition switch didn't help
I am changing my transmission fluid for the first time and need to know how and how much fluid I need?
shoots codes p0252, p0251,and p1688
And when it die s it won't start for a while I changed ecm , PCM , crank shaft sensor !
Oil pressure sometime shows good and sometimes none drove it about 5 miles had no overheating problems would it be pressure sending unit or pressure regulator spring
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