1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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My 1998 dodge 2500 v10 idells rough an miss's when driving
My turn signals do not work when i turn on my headlight, or when i push the brakes, it started with just the left side now it is both turn signals what can i do?
it now starts but is hunting and smokeing at idle and still no power and not much exhaust pressure coming out the tail pipe
Hi what rear end do i have on my 1998 dodge ram 2500 12 valve Cummins thanks
Fuel pressure OK. replaced wastegate actuator, maybe vaccuum problem?
Truck was running fine, then after a cold spell it wouldn't start. I had it plugged in and everything but I recently replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and it still is a no go. There is no white smoke coming out of the exhaust so I assume it is a fuel issue. There is no fuel getting to the fuel injectors. I hope that it isn't the fuel injector pump, because it is crazy expensive:(.
Only when lightly excelerating u can get it to stop sometimes if u mash excelerater hard or once it gets up to speed it will stop what would fix this
what would be the size yoke for the axles and axle sizes
what would the ratio for the mix be
It's pretty warm out and I had the ac on pretty low.
Truck came to a stop as I was exiting the freeway
Now it won't turn over. Sounds good, but just takes too long. Not sure what it could be any thoughts would be appreciated!
Parking Brake Cable Undone at Foot Assembly
I replaced spark plugs & wires ,dis cap,rot button,coil,and oxygen sensor still backfires and misses but not all the time any suggestions
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