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boster cause my brake not to work
i just replaced the tps iat map and engine coolant sensors on it and did a complete tune up including oil oil filter plugs plug wires air filter thermostat and belt my truck starts and runs great until it warms up then it coughs and spudders and wants to to die and wont idle i have put the code reader tool on it and it comes back with no codes
Automatic transmission
Ive recharged the battery and it sounds strong but the engine dosent start. Again Generator light comes on.Coil or Altenator?? Thanks much
does it for a few seconds before it shifts any gear after shifting it stops but does not do it unless your exhilarating
My truck blows really hard when cranked up to the max for the heat, but is very luke warm can this be a thermostat issue or Heater Core?
i have rebuilt the vacuum pump and now get the indicator light to come on but still no engagement of the axel
when in gear converter locks up and kills engine at stops
While driving my trans seems to slip into neutral. speed will decrease then trans will seem to go back into gear and run fine. I have had a trans repair shop, power flush and change filter prior to any problems, took truck back to shop now that problem has occurred, they can't replicate symptom and say that there is nothing wrong. RPM start about 2500 and will jump to about 3500 with out me pressing on accelerator, when I ease up and rpm drops the trans seems to reengage and run fine then may or may not do it again. Not sure what to do, find another repair shop is a given.
It took the truck about 1\2 hr to die after GEN light came on. Battery was bad and I replaced it. After replacing battery the engine turns over but will not start. I had the alternator tested and it passed. Tried checking for error codes but I get an error message on my handheld. Does that mean the ECM is bad?
I ran the truck 600 miles towing a car there and back. The check in lite came on my way there. I was running it in overdrive some of the way there on the way back with no overdrive it started popping up thru the air cleaner. when I got home I scanned it, it read miss fire on #3 cylinder and trans temp. so I put plugs wires and cap on it. and cleared the codes. now its missing after it warms up. at a idle just a little for 20 seconds and then really bad. and popping and losing power on the freeway at higher check engine lights ether. Please help.
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