1995 Dodge Ram 2500 Questions

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Cuts off while running and starts too put put while driving then it cuts off. No dash lights are on.
Going 30 miles or under is okay, but over that, it acts like its either starving for gas or vacuum leak, or not firing on all points
Hey guys I got my trans back in today everything went good I put fluid in took it for a ride was shifting perfect then started to slip so I came back home checked fluid it was low I added fluid but still acting weird it will only move when I first start it for a bit then I have to shut it off and start again to get it to move.. any ideas? 47rh
It idles rough and tends to hesitate while driving
Is it cheaper to have a mechanic order one and install it, or to have it rebuilt from scratch? On my van, a mechanic has told me that the cost of one that he has ordered--with labor--will cost me a total of 3,350.00 to install. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks in advance--
tan cloth is what I currently have. Material failing
it is a jasper trans
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