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When you start the truck what is the idle RPM supposed to be at
Radiator hose gets hot bottom hose is cool ??? Any suggestions???
The throttle position sensor wire and plug worn, I need to replace it, and unable to find one.
I have replaced the thermostat, Fam clutch, and radiator cap. I am at a loss on what the problem is. I don't have a lot of money to blow on fixing things that aren't bad, and I would love assistance if someone has an idea. Thank you.
as the weather gets colder it gets worse
started truck and starter kept running. shut off truck and starter kept turning. disconnected battery to stop. pulled starter relay and key off, reconnected battery and starter started turning again.
Wires were ripped out of the speed sensor plug on the rear of the transmission. I can't figure out which wire goes were. Its a three wire connector. Can any one help?
engine wouldn't start. Poured fuel down throttle body. Engine ran. Checked fuel pump. Fuel pump runs but pressure regulator was plugged. Replaced it. Engine ran for 20 seconds, starving for fuel. Checked Map Sensor, all readings were below spec level. Replaced MAP Sensor. Now, engine won't start period. Not showing any engine codes.
I was driving and it started acting like it wasn't getting fuel then it died one after I got it to start back it would not go when it was in reverse or drive park works and neutral work
Brrrrr its very cold out. Both doors autolock with me outside when warming up cab. Then I cuss and go find the slimjim
i recently replaced my brakelight switch and my brake lights stay on
May run fine when cold until warm up then misses. Then miss may quit and run fine. Some days won't miss at all and some days the miss won't go away. When accelerated it seems to run fine - after de-accelerating to normal driving a bit the miss comes back.
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