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No heat blowing on driver side vent but is blowing on passenger side
DODGE RAM 1500 2015
Started happening 2 days ago. Blows heat out dash vents when on defrost. Blower comes on at different intervals.
Heat is blowing on passenger side, but cold air is blowing on driver side on 2010 Dodge Ram 1500
this is for a 2012 ram 1500, when heater is on the air blowing out of the driver side vents is cold and the air on the passenger side vents are blowing hot air
I was driving my 2011 Dodge truck and I heard a loud bang and the engine shut off I raised the hood and noticed the passenger side valve cover had exploded. What would cause this and can it be fixed?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It hasn't been started
How long have you had this problem? Happened on 9-1-2017
a/c blows warm air, compressor does not kick on. dealer said no leaks in system and evacuated/filled a/c. worked fine for 2 days now problem back again. smell come through vents went i turn on a/c.

labor time and amount?
have cold air just not moving with dials when i change them
My dodge ram is a 2010, with 52,00O miles.
The conditioned air is routed elsewhere. There is a sound that seems to be coming from the glove box that sounds like a big rat trying too get out. I'm afraid of a dealership maintenance cost can a mop & pop type of garage could handle that type of work.?
Truck shift on the wheel freezes when I tried to park the truck. Truck is locked in R, brake pedal will not depress and once truck is tunrned off will not turn over at all. After the truck has sat for a couple hours starts up no problems. Hit or miss when it will happen. Has occurred x2 in 2 days and almost stranded me in NY while there for job interview. Manual shows symbol representing malfunction. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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