2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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looking to get it back in 2 wheel drive. As you know cant drive on the road with it in 4 wheel drive low. No matter where switch is set it will not come out of LOW.
It acts like it is locked down for security. Is there some sort of child saftey sendor that does not allow truck to start ?
I've checked all the fuses, and the fuel pump starts up when the key is turned on. It was running and driving fine until I shut it off to change my fuses to the new smart light up fuses and then it stopped working. Thinking it might have something to do with the new fuses I quickly put all the stock fuses back but still no start. I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes on the positve side and then the negative side. Still nothing. But the truck cranks over very strong. Any help would be appreciated.
but I cant find that warning light symbol to tell me what the problem is. it come up where the windshield fluid light is . and flashes
Hear wind noise coming from closed sunroof when driving over 20 miles per hour. The Sunroof is not completely sealed tight when closed.
it does not function at all.
Any idea what problem might be?
I had Freon checked and ac clutch is spinning
No codes, checked all fuses in fuse box. It burned through the smaller gauge positive battery wire. Blower motor works but only blows hot air.
water pump for 2009 dodge ram...can I use a 2008 water pump
It's on the dashboard when I start truck
P2181 code. VIC reading for the cooling shows normal op. temp. 194- 200. sometimes it shows nothing and a code pops P 2181.
Several times I've had engine starting problems.
The engine cranks several times I turn the key off retry after cranking several more times it starts.
Under the VIC I get a red Z type error with back word parenthesis’. The code remains P2181

Please help
Truck starts to vibrate when MDI kicks in.. Any ideals?? I can down shift ot give it gas and it will go away.. 30-50mph range
I purchased a new ABS control module for my truck, and am picking it up tomorrow. My question is simple: do i need to program the module? I purchased it from a dealer.

Thanks in advance!
i dont believe it is mechanical is there a sensor or relay or sumthing that could cause that
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