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Gas tank is full
2008 ram 1500 will not crank. battery ok. throttle control lights until I turn the key
How long have you had this problem? just now
My A/C works in the morning except for the control that switches from floor vents to dash vent to defroster etc. the temp adjusts ok, the fan adjust ok. after 1 hour of driving, a very small stream of cold water appears to come from under the dash on the passenger side. The temp of the air begins to heat up and the vents appear to half way close. Only half the air volume is allowed to come out. If I turn off the A/C for 30 minutes, the volume of air is correct and the temp of air is as the day I drove it off the lot. I have 230,000 miles and maintain the vehicle as per the specifications due to my Platinum Warranty I purchase with the vehicle from Chrysler.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? see explantion i sent with the questions
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
When I spin it it turns on and cold air runs if not hot air comes out
Bed of truck has rusted out bad and the 4 wheel drive has guitar working
ok I'm a 26 year auto technician but got a head scratcher here. Got this truck from an auction and upon inspecting why the driver rear window wouldn't roll down (its a quad cab) realized someone had gutted the door, took window motor and regulator assy. got all new componenets and installed them and all windows work except the drivers rear, if you use the rear door switch it will roll the window down but will not roll up and I get no action at all from the NEW master switch. All the little green lamps in the top of the switches are lit and using a power probe, I'm able to watch the voltages swap from one pin to the other at the window motor but it seems like its not applying a ground to complete the circuit when you attempt tp roll the window back up. I cannot find any broken wires and even checked the TIPM for a bad connection and none were found. the problem I'm running into is finding a good diagram, I have all data but the diagram is pretty vague. any help would be greatly appreciated.
We ran battery down. Then a guy jumped us, the car started and quickly died again for three times, like there was no gas. Then guy kept trying to start till the key when turned would not even make a noise when turned to start, nothing happens. He then got under truck and jumped the starter, it cranked fine several tries but engine would not fire like it was getting no gas. I disconnected negative terminal for 20 minutes reconnected and used my fully charged Stanley 300 amp jump starter. Turned key nothing no sound except a load low clunk each time. Tested battery, it showed good, battery is old , terminals were corroded so I cleaned them good with baking soda wash. Reattached tried to jump with Stanley, nothing. Checked all fuses, nothing blown. What do I do? What if I but we battery and still it won't crank?
Hi, i have change the Heather box so i removed the complet dash, cluster, when i reinstall every thing with double cheking, the truck w'ont start, when i put the key at start all the cluster dash lightning Turin off. My batt voltage is, 12.75v. I have no signal at starter so probably something cut.
I have recent lost normal function of my headlights, taillights, blinkers and 4wd. Could this be the tipm?
trying to change head gasket what do i do?
Malfunction indicator light was on and security light
when I turn on my air or my heat I hear a  thump noise but my air and heat works fine afterwards, but it does that every time I turn either one on
Ive changed the throttle body crank and cam sensors. What else could be causing the issue.
OBD2 code P0111
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