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Pick up had been running fine. All of a sudden it wouldn't start (warm). It will start and run good for about 5 minutes when it is cold but abruptly dies as it starts to warm up. Will not start again until cold. Crankshaft, camshaft and ignition switch have been changed due to codes. Could ECM have a problem when engine bay starts to warm up? There are no codes registering. Fuel pressure is avg. 58 psi and remains steady even after engine dies. There is plenty of gasoline in the tank. Battery is fully charged. All fluid levels are good. Computer throws a weird code once in a while. Last code and engine light was low oil pressure. As soon as bell rang I checked gauges and had 60 psi at 70 mph. I checked with mechanical gauge and found electronic gauge to be correct. One code was low battery, again I checked the battery with a hydrometer and it was fully charged. This has happened in the last six months and now the dying problem. Not sure what is going wrong, if it were a sensor a code should indicate but no codes. Thanks so much for your help.
No start change fuel pump crank sensor cam sensor hooked 12 volt direct to pump no start
How long have you had this problem? None
My truck died when I stoped and won't start. The p0562 code popped up. How do I fix it.
When pressing the brake pedal or the decelerate button on cruise my truck beeps and goes into limp in mode. I can pull over kill wait a little start it back and does fine until I hit the brakes.
The check engine light does stay on it throws the same code every time but goes off and on
hear some noise when on highway, hard to tell due to road noise. not tearing up tire
My heat works great it blows devils breath, but when I change the dial to make it come out of the defrost vents or the floor vents it stays coming out of the front vents

no problems before, ran fine yesterday
It only has to do it just one time the RPM's drop below 500 for the oil pressure gauge to go down enough to kick check engine light on. As long as I keep the rpms at 600 or above within 60-70 miles it will turn off but as soon as it drops to 500 or less oil pressure gauge goes back down enough to kick the light on.. once I figure what's tripping my idle/rpms won't have to worry about the oil pressure gauge, they run together. I'm thinking something with my MDS, it's kicking on constantly even from dead stop I'll start and it's on an can shift all gears that way give little gas bring it out but goes back in to it. Turn on my tow/haul runs perfect O/D off runs perfect. Only code I've gotten is P0524 but my oil is fine as well as all other fluids. What's making idle mess with my rpms is going to mess with my oil pressure gauge it runs together. Took throttle body of an cleaned really good.. can't remove idle sensor as it is built in to the throttle body.. changed plugs.. all injectors are clicking.. basically anything that could be taken off an cleaned has been done.. only thing that hasn't been replaced that might have anything to do with this issue would be a new throttle body but hoping it's not that so doing all things within low cost if anything before doing the money coster.. but at least all minor or small things concerning this issue will already be taken care of to rule out it's possibility..
While driving I will loose all power in the truck. I shift into neutral and start it right back up. I have had it to the dealership many times for this , and I am done with them.They tell me now it needs new coil paks. I know that's not the problem.
rough idle misfire 07 dodge ram1500 st.3.7p0506-p0507
Starts up, runs good as it always does.. just the
check engine lite on nothing else..
no codes etc.
Any ideas?
Think ok to drive.. holidays and I need it.. no repair places open etc.
I need suggestions on what I can check, not blinking.. driveable.
I did check all caps on f on and
Sometimes in the morning when go to get in my truck Ive got really bad condensation on the inside drivers side of my windshield to the point its dripping wet. I feel its my seal around the windshield but thats a guess.
Truck was running fine all day , went to the store and once I got back in it didn't want to start but once it did the engine was shaking and and making nosies white smoke came from muffler , after pressing on the gas for a little while the shaking slowed down and nosie stopped complety and was able to drive it home , started a hour later and the same thing happend again
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