2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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what are the torque specs for wheel bearing hub assembly and the caliper brac
going to work one morning the truck seemed to just shut down. after it set all day it would crank and fire only once but not start.
My truck is 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 RWD SLT. There is a loud noise that happens when I'm at a complete stop within first 15min of driving and doesn't the rest of my trip. Sounds like a odd gurgle/hum kinda like a low power steering fluid sound. My fluids are good. I can feather the brake pedal and it will stop for a few seconds then start again. I can also push the pedal to the floor with a little extra pressue. Anyone know what might be wrong? Thank you for any help. It is appreciated.
My 2004 dodge ram has a clicking with the throttle body and relay when the key is off. Its does not stop and kills the battery. Open and closes.
No code after I disconnected the battery and charged it.
I replaced all 4 calipers rotors pads on a 2005 Ram quad cab 4 wheel drive with a 5.7 engine bleed the brakes over and over and over master cylinder over and over nothing but straight fluid still hear a sound sounding like air getting in and out of the line and brakes still will not build up but no leaks anywhere
Possibly TIPM?
when i turn on the cruise sometimes it comes on and sometimes it dont
At times my truck starts fine no problem but lately it has been stalling out while driving down the road sometimes it will start right back up but a few times i have had to be towed home for it to start as soon as i have made it home . Now i am having trouble getting it to start it is turning over yet wont start
Replaced front wheel hub/ bearings along with new rotors, calipers/ brake pads. After multiple bleeding attempts I still have NO brakes, (have never encountered a problem like this before). There's no drips, leaks or puddles and the reservoir is full. could it be the MC or Brake Booster? which is easier and cheaper to fix?
I just replaced my engine in my 04 dodge ram. Ran great for a week. Go to the store get food and no starting. It seems like there is no juice going to starter. Replaced it. Nothing! Both starters are good. The truck is reading out a p0522 code. Will this keep it from starting? HELP I don't know what to do!!! Only family vehicle
Truck will not turn over and does not get power to the starter relay, dash lights and Windows do work, no blown fuses
only once the engine sounded like a rough idle for a few seconds,then went to high rpms for two seconds then went to normal idle. I got in the cab and reved it to a high rpms for a couple seconds, for three times and let it idle. It idled alright after that. The next morning I started it and let it idle for five minutes, and it idled alright.
Don't know what happened, plugs, injectors, PCV, timing or what.
I have 4 O2 sensors
Iv replaced my cv axles on both sides 4 times in three years to me that's a little too much
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