2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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Replaced front wheel hub/ bearings along with new rotors, calipers/ brake pads. After multiple bleeding attempts I still have NO brakes, (have never encountered a problem like this before). There's no drips, leaks or puddles and the reservoir is full. could it be the MC or Brake Booster? which is easier and cheaper to fix?

I just replaced my engine in my 04 dodge ram. Ran great for a week. Go to the store get food and no starting. It seems like there is no juice going to starter. Replaced it. Nothing! Both starters are good. The truck is reading out a p0522 code. Will this keep it from starting? HELP I don't know what to do!!! Only family vehicle

Truck will not turn over and does not get power to the starter relay, dash lights and Windows do work, no blown fuses

only once the engine sounded like a rough idle for a few seconds,then went to high rpms for two seconds then went to normal idle. I got in the cab and reved it to a high rpms for a couple seconds, for three times and let it idle. It idled alright after that. The next morning I started it and let it idle for five minutes, and it idled alright.
Don't know what happened, plugs, injectors, PCV, timing or what.

I have 4 O2 sensors

Iv replaced my cv axles on both sides 4 times in three years to me that's a little too much

It whirls but wont start. What could it be

Changed ignition switch but didnt help

It ran fine then i parked it for 5 to 10 minuts and when i got back in it started hard and would stall if i took my foot of the gas. It has oil but i hear a knocking sound. Changed map sensor and nothing.

I know that it's not wise, but when i do a burnout, breakstand whatever you want to call it. The back tires will break lose or seem to break loose. When you hold the gas and let the tires gain momentum and build up smoke the tires will spin, both seem to do so. About five seconds into it the whole back end will begin to kick out and scoot over about five feet or so. It will then countinue to spin the wheels and when you let off the brakes to do the burnout and get going to leave your mark only the driver side will leave a tire mark while the passenger side will have no mark. I've heard of a few other guys that have the same problem I've even seen it in some challengers and chargers. So i'm wondering if it's an axle problem or if it's my tires or if it's my brakes or what. Again I know it's not smart to do burnouts.

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 eng. starts if i put fuel in the throttle body but wont run for long what could be causing this? the fuel rail has fuel in it cause i checked the little pressure valve and gas sprays out i can here the fuel pump turn every time in turn the ignition to the on position.