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Can I j.b weld plastic housing and radiator front area where top hose feeds in
Speedometer jumping sitting still but registers correct speed while driving, ABS light, and brake light stays on, when I started to take off it takes a second or two to go into gear then shifts out correctly. Replaced the speed sensor on transmission and the abs speed sensor on the rear differential.
Changed battery for a new battery and now the truck will crank but will not start why
head lights low beam drivers side on pass. off. reverse that on high beam. brake light drivers side not working. checked trailer wiring . happen the other morning been working on it every since.
Received diagnostic code P0452 for my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 pick up. NVLD Natural Vacuum Leak Detection Pressure Switch is stuck closed.
It is possible to open/unstuck it or will it need to be replaced?
And how long does it take a mechanic to replace the NVLD? Please help!
Truck sputters after 3k rpm, PCode 016 is on, as is the camshaft code. The crankshaft code was on too, but we replaced that yesterday, and found that the sensor itself was actually broken in half. Took about 2 hours to get it out of the hole. New one is in, but still sputtering at 3k RPM. Will replace camshaft sensor if I can find it.
I have 2003 dodge with 5.7. It had set for a few days and went to start it, battery was week, and would almost start. Charged battery and still not want to start so held peddle down, thinking had flooded it. When it did start rev, way up and stalled, started again and rev went up and down, ETC light flashing, check engine light flashing. Turned off, checked codes got P2106, P2108, and P2172. Was told throttle position sensor was bad. Changed Throttle body with new one. Still have problem. not having much luck finding how all these codes interact with each other. Could this be my TPPS or ECM? Or is there something else I should look at....
I just put a new mother in it a new full pump new batt a new temp sin crank sin full sin new plugs new ever thing all most. But now it won't start just turns over and over help please
It is making some type of noise when shifted to reverse....
heat dont work,its not the blower or heater core,a/c works fine,im pretty sure its the heater door
When I going flat no problem but when I going uphill is like loss power. Any idea??? Thanks
I feel the truck like shaking or kind of jumping when I turn but it just happens when I have the 4x4 engaged and turning. If I going straight no problem. Any idea??
I have spark fuel and compression. What do I check for next
The child window locks are not enabled. I noticed in the summer months when the inside would get increasingly hot that the passenger window controls would work sometimes but would always go back to not working.
It's a 4.7 liter V8. And it's burning through at least a quart a week. Haven't noticed any white or black smoke. Nor oil leaking from under motor.
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