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We were traveling back from Charleston, S Carolina to Texas when AC decreased its pressure and coolness as we reached Alabama. Today we turn it back on and there’s a weird smell yet is blowing okay again. He checked for anything blocking the intake and didn’t see anything. We decided to not use it until the heat becomes too hot to handle on the rest of our journey. Any suggestions would be helpful. It is going to be a long trip home without AC tomorrow.
AC works fine for several minutes. Eventually the
Cold air coming from the vents decreases
Down to almost nothing. If you shut
Off the AC button for several seconds it eventually comes
Back on full force. This only seems to happen when you allow fresh outside air into the system. If you recirculate inside air it works fone
I cannot find a rear end for my Dodge Ram truck and I was told there was a recall on them!! 392Gwar Rear End
Every one says that it had to have run out of oil.but it had plenty on it.what else could be causing this and whats the best way to fix it
So i had a company come to reflash my ecm. They said everything was fine ECM and PCM are good and there's no reason the truck shouldn't be running they said their data showed the none of the cylinders were firing ( i have alreaedy changed spark plugs abd boots)they ran a test on a spark plug boots and they said it was Orange spark instead of the blue Spark they said they think they may be a ground wire is broken causing an open circuit where should I begin to look I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 L Hemi they relearned the throttle to the ecm also
I was able to change the front 2 cylinders on both sides but the back 2 cylinders feel like they have been capped on the inside. when I took the wires off they all had spark plugs in them. whatever those caps are they wont let me screw the plug in. right now I don't have plugs in them and the truck is running fine. could it be something with the mds?
I changed the actuator and APPS while throttle assembly, why am i still getting this p2110 and a no start?
I have a p2110 code on my 2003 dodge ram 1500 5.7l how do i fix it truck is not running
Tranny shifts fine from 1st to 2nd gear but when it tries to go to third it just slips then returns back to second. When speed is reduced down. Once it gets back in 2nd gear it’s fine until you go fast enough to shift to third then it slips and won’t go into third and as you slow down goes back in to second.
One side blows cold...the other blows warn to cool...not cold like the drivers side vents
I was wondering if you have to have the throttle position sensor reprogrammed to the computer when you change the throttle body because it’s made to it. I have had some people tell me that you do and I just wanted to find out for sure because if you do I need to load it on the trailer first while I can still drive it
If i dont let my engine warm up and the coolant temp isnt at atleast 1/3 level of warmth then when it idles it sputters and when i get on the gas it backfires and sputters every time around exactly 45 mph? If engine is warm it runs fine, once it reaches temp it runs fine. P0300 is code and cylinder 1 and 3 misfires. Engine got hot about 3 months ago when radiator froze but have since had radiator replaced along with thermostat. Didnt start running like crap until last week.
I have an extra electric fan off another truck from the condenser and I want to put an electric fan on the radiator will this one work ?
Can I j.b weld plastic housing and radiator front area where top hose feeds in
Speedometer jumping sitting still but registers correct speed while driving, ABS light, and brake light stays on, when I started to take off it takes a second or two to go into gear then shifts out correctly. Replaced the speed sensor on transmission and the abs speed sensor on the rear differential.
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