2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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dose not come on till i turn fan speed to high

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing just starts right up run good for5 min spits sputtered shuts off have to wait for it to cool down starts right back up just started
Ran into code p0601
I added freon and the air is blowing cold but slow on the fifth speed.
I need to know the driving cycle for this vehicle!
I turn my key on. Pump does not turn on. Gauges won't move when I turn key on. Truck cranks and cranks but wont turn over. think it is the PCM. But before buying one I'm hoping it is a simple fix. Loose wire or something. Checked all my fused nothing blown. Cleaned all my grounds still nothing. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated
And lukewarm air out of the passengers Side vents . how do I fix this.?
Try to crank it and it will not fire will turn over good but will not crank let it set for 45 minutes and it will crank I don't understand this what is the problem
Truck runs and drives great all fuses and relays are good directional headlights brake lights instrument cluster just stop working on day what can the problem be
Truck runs and drives great. Directional headlights brake lights interior lights instrument cluster and electric locks do not work fuses and relays are all good what can be the problem
My check engine light came on and I thought it was my condenser fan. My condenser was in fact not working. I have since remedied that issue and my check engine light is still on.
Ask of the truck.its late and need lights
I've replaced all of my spark plugs and coil packs but I still have a misfire on 1,3,5,2,4 I'm basically running on 3 cylinders, what could be causing this, and What would be my next step for fixing the constant misfire?
What is the part the thermostat housing mounts to the threads are striped on mine from the previous owner
losing oil but no leaks and no visible smoke
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