2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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My truck won't start. Check engine light comes on and it says no bus

When i drive straight

I dont think that I got all the refrigant in, so i have a small can that I intend to add, but the pop seems to be my real problem

Any Idea what I need to do to get this fixed or why it's doing this?

My truck won't start in park but will in neutral and then it's shifting hard in 1st not all the time. Sometimes it gets up to 3000 to 4000 RPM before it shifts into 2nd

These are not gradual turns but acute turns from street to street. This has happened twice and the truck restarts and runs with no problem

Okay I parked the truck a year ago because of transmission problems 6 months later I drove the truck to my new home and it would only stay running if you had the gas pedal held down now six months later I fixed the transmission and a the truck will not start I checked all fuses it is getting gas it's just not firing at spark plug or coil so what could it be

I replaced the heater core, thermostat, and completely flushed the system, including the heater core. The truck still only blows cold air. The water pump is not making any noise as if it going bad. The hoses from the heater core both warm up, as do the hoses from the radiator. Any suggestions?

check engine light came on after getting gas. truck drives fine- will tightening the cap eliminate the light ?

I changed the transmission filter the other day to help with my shifting issues. I noticed there was water dripping from the top of the transmission. The shifting problem was halfway fixed ado i drove down the highway. Got to my destination and had radiator fluid pouring out of three shield between trans and motor. What's up with that?

I don't remember were the long bolts go on the waterpump.

What trque and crossing pattern when I replace my water pump

now it makes a clinking sound when i ste= on the gas

Drives without a miss till about two to three miles out.
When I punch it, it stops till I let off the gas, then the miss returns.

old pcm sn ended with AA was factory updated to AB bought reman flashed pcm AG will this work now im getting all kinds of codes po 031 po 037 po 443