2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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No matter what I do press the button for overdrive throw it in neutral and back in drive still won't go it was also jumping out of overdrive at 65 a before it stopped going in it would jump out if I gave it a little more gas the rpms would jump up and down
My automatic transmission at 270000 miles had no problem till I did a fluid and filter change on it after a couple days after doing this it would shift into reverse but hardly goes it shifts fine in all the other gears when I change red the fluid it looked clean no shavings no signs of damage or leaks from any wear it doesn’t make noise at all to this day and it’s been like this for a couple months any suggestion to what it may be
Ac cold for a few seconds/min then popping sound and hot air until restarted. Also when the system is turned off the hot air keeps blowing out vents (slightly)... new compressor, new oil and Freon. Compressor stays running.... I’m going nuts here . Please help
Truck shifts into all gears, except when shifted into reverse and I step on the gas the truck does not move, it moves in all other gears park and neutral work normal as well
power window shorts out
on driverside window wount go up or down then goes down by its self and wont go up

What other years front axles can I use to replace an axle on a 2001 Dodge ram 1500
My 2001 2wd 1500 has had a problem where it has a hard time shifting into second but it will always shift as long as I keep on the gas. Now when I go about 60, my truck will surge and it is a lot worse uphill. But all speeds before 60 it does fine. The surging at 60 mph is a new issue whereas the 2nd gear shifting has been happening for a while. I have also noticed for a while that trans fluid leaks from the front of the case where the starter engages the flywheel. Also, the second issue didn’t start happening until I reinstalled my starter because it was loose. Not sure if I need to replace the torque converter or all the trans sensors and solenoids or if I need to replace the fuel pump. Another thing is that I have a code for an o2 sensor so I can’t see any other codes until that one is cleared.
Replaced governor soleniod and transducer per engine code. Now the code is still there and won't shift passed first gear is it bad pcm or bad wiring to transmission?
Check engine light comes on then after driving. Will go off
can a windshield from a 1997 dodge 1500 truck fit a 2001 dodge 1500 truck?
transmission rpm shot up on the highway, now revs and stays in 1 gear, code po1740, changed filter/fluid no change, can it be the solenoids in transmission. have not changed yet, trans shop quoted $2400.00 to rebuild, cash tight plus 200,000 miles on it. 2001 dodge ram 1500 5.2l 2wheel drive auto. any ideas would be great.
My 01 dodge ram 1500 wont shift properly. It will only shift after 3,000 rpm but shifts fine after 40mph. I also dont have park. I had a friemd put a trans scanner on it and it shows im in reverse when in park, any suggestions thanks.
I installed a comp cam adjusted my distributor truck won't start
2001 dodge ram 1500 won,t shift into overdrive
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