1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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I always get the same code 1494
When I start my vehicle the gas gage goes to empty, then sometimes it will register the amount of fuel that is actually in the vehicle, but the vehicle runs fine,
Yes I have a 99 Dodge pickup 4x4 that I just found out has what is called sensors on the transmission I thought the transmission was out where exactly are these sensors located on the transmission at the truck will move but takes a large RPMs to do so will not move until RPMs are at least 1600 RPMs or more then moves really really slow
My dash lights dont work and my tail lights dont work. I was hooking up lights and when all was said and done. The only lights that worked were my head light. And body have any ideas?
Truck running for a while dies out
When truck is cold works
Brake lights and blinkers stopped working.I put new fuses new blinker flasher and 2 new brake light bulbs.
Problem just started comes up no bus 4 code have replaced fuel pump still does not work I don't know what's going on with it I've checked all my fuses and relays are all goodPlease help me vehicle to run
Sometimes a clunky sound coming from between engine and transmission
I had water pump replaced, now my truck wont start. So I then had cam shaft, crank shaft, and ign. coil replaced thereafter, still won't start. cleaned the rotor and bought new spark plugs. can u help me please
my truck still runs and cant have this problem escalate and our get stuck some wares my ability to afford a shop are out please help asap
Where is the air intake service sensor located?
My 99 ram 1500 is not starting I went and filled it up at lunch time then it wouldn't start sometimes it will fire breifly when u first start cranking it has fuel pressure I have noticed lately driving down the highway it will cut out every now and then when it does that I can hear a chirp sound come from the glove box area
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