1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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horn is blowing and headlights are flashing. pressing panic button on remote does not reset. Tried running engine, operating lock/unlock on remote. operation continues 'til time out, then reruns for another cycle
I am not the original owner. I know the refrigerant is low but I'm not sure what type to use R134 or R12? Could you guide me to the right place or give me the correct answer I don't see anything under the hood about it? Thanks Steve
Vehicle speed sensor causes abs and check engine light to stay on
After repairing a evap system I need to reset the monitors for an emisson test, What is the drive cycle for Non-Continuously Monitored Sub-Systems all the other monitors are ready for test.
Well i press on the gas padel in my 1998 dodge ram 1500 a it starts to make a ticking sound it just started
is it a fuel issue
I took off the IAC valve to clean it and it was not dirty. I cleaned it and replaced it. Then l took out and checked the air filter. It is okay. Also the transmission has started changing out after running up to high rpms. Could this be overdrive issues? Would overdrive issues stall an automatic transmission and kill the motor? Also if l am driving and keep my foot on the gas and let the motor run above 1800 rpms it stays running, but if l take my foot off of the gas it goes dead even driving down the road at highway speeds. Also if l slow down and turn my steering wheel over 90° it will kill the motor unless l hold the rpms over 1800. Also when l take off from a complete stop the transmission whines and jerks.
A friend replaced his 360 V-8 with a used one. He was driving normally when it died, won’t restart. Cranks fine, sound like wants to start intermittently, at times seem to be advanced and pushing back. Check dist position, OK. Has good spark, checked plug wires and for correct firing order OK. Checked TDC and #1 plug is in correct position. Tried ether spray, still no start. Are there any computer bases annomilies that may applie here?
Mechanic tested for anything drawing on the battery, and there's nothing. It's killed 3 brand new batteries. I'm keeping it on a tender now, otherwise the battery is dead in a matter of days. It isn't my daily driver any more. I've had it for about 5 years. It may have been a long term issue, but driving it every day was keeping it charged. This has become an issue over the last year. Any help would be appreciated.
My 1998 dodge ram throws a misfire p302 cylinder2misfire. I changed the park plugs and wires. Also the distributor cap and rotor. I did a compression test
I have changed thermostat and heater core as been flushed. It will random blow at different strengths when but in highest fan setting.
1998 ram 5.9l. New radiator, radiator cap and hoses, new water pump new t stat x2 195 . flushed and reversed flushed heater core. great flow both ways coolant looked good. and the truck will only get to 160 (shot with thermometer) heater hoses run at about 85 thus i only have 85 degree heat. any suggestions?
I have working ob2 diagnostic tool but the diagnostic port seems to be dead
1998 dodge ram 4x4 5.9 transmission compatable with 1999 dodge ram 4x4 5.9
I am having an issue with not much heat and have narrowed it down to possibly the blend door actuator, but I can't find it. I have located the other vacuum operated actuators but not this electric one.
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