1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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My 1998 dodge ram throws a misfire p302 cylinder2misfire. I changed the park plugs and wires. Also the distributor cap and rotor. I did a compression test
I have changed thermostat and heater core as been flushed. It will random blow at different strengths when but in highest fan setting.
1998 ram 5.9l. New radiator, radiator cap and hoses, new water pump new t stat x2 195 . flushed and reversed flushed heater core. great flow both ways coolant looked good. and the truck will only get to 160 (shot with thermometer) heater hoses run at about 85 thus i only have 85 degree heat. any suggestions?
I have working ob2 diagnostic tool but the diagnostic port seems to be dead
1998 dodge ram 4x4 5.9 transmission compatable with 1999 dodge ram 4x4 5.9
I am having an issue with not much heat and have narrowed it down to possibly the blend door actuator, but I can't find it. I have located the other vacuum operated actuators but not this electric one.
While driving down the the truck (Dodge Ram 1500 v6) starts to miss and idual high and low while at light dies out
Not sure what to put here the question is pretty cut and dry, I can see inside the crank case and the oil isn't moving from it. I even rotated the crank shaft and nothing.
wont shift into overdrive and when I turn o/d off it bogs down and then picks up again
no spark at plugs or coil and doesnt have any 12 volt power to the coil either. changed out crankshaft sensor and the ASD relay and still nothing. if you can help me out with anything thank you
It will quit at an idle or even if I'm at 70 miles an hour sometimes it will quit at two miles or I can even drive it 60 miles but when it quits it's cutting off the fuel and I don't know why
all blew at once i turned off to get gas and relized when i left the gas station it all blew at once
Not go over about 2500 rpm unless pushed to the floor but the pedal does seem to set pretty low
Fuel gauge stays on full
I recently changed the water pump and belt in my dodge ram 1500 1998 5.2 engine and it has just started to bog down and die when in idle or slowing down the power stays in the engine just Bogs down I have to check engine light
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