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My truck would not start up for me it acted like it wanted to but it would not fire so we replaced the starter. it still didnt fire so we replaced to fuel pump and distributer. we got it to start up but it wont stay running so we replaced the plug wires and timing belt and a sensor. it is still not running right you have to two foot it to drive it we have racked our brains and spent a lot of money on this truck because we love dodge so much lets face it dodge just rocks. but im about to loose my job and i have 5 kids and were very low income please please if you have any anwsers for me i would greatly appresheate it even any guess to what it cold be would be great. thank you for your time. sincerely, whats up with my truck.
have installed new pvc valve, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. fuel pump is approx. 2 years old. have aftermarket k&n type air filter
bearings as they are roaring.
The Shifter does not register properly. Wont always start in park but will in neutral. If you cut car off in park shortly after starting in neutral it will start in park. Just not registering in the proper gear on the guage. any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Buying this truck as a semi project truck it runs and needs some work but not more than it is worth after it is done
97 ram 1500 wont start
The speedometer was working fine when I drove to the dealership. and their diagnosis is I need to replace the hub also.I had no information lights going off on the dash.
i changed the light switch, was not the problem, let me tell you what its doing.. If you pull the light switch out slow and catch it in between parklights on and all the way off dash lights fog lights parklights and taillights come on but if you pull it all the way on headlights come on and everything else goes out, but if you push in just a little bit the headlamp goes out and the rest come back on.. with the headlamp on i got brake lights and i can use turn signals but no parklights...HELP PLEASE
but i still dont have oil pressure. and i am stumped. i have replaced the oil sending unit and oil pan gasket too .
I had the idle sensor changed and that did not help it will not idle unless it is at a normal temp.
I do not know which fuse it is as it happens rarely. The A/C Clutch pulley is moving but the Clutch is not. If it is the fuse, which is it? If it is the A/C Relay, how do you test it? Two weeks ago it was blowing 47 degrees.
have replaced everything that has to do with cooling system except heater core and did pressure check on system and held at 16 pounds according to cap
the electric plunger valve on the back of the throtle body opens creating a massive vacum leak. this happens until normal operating temp is acheived. also on hot start up. I have replaced every sensor on the engine that sends signals back to the pcm,,,,,, Do you have any suggestions ,,,, I think the pcm is TOAST.
i have a 1997 dodge 1500 4x4, my fuel pump is out. my question is.. can i hook up a 1998 fuel pump to it.. wires dont match, maybe rewire to match???
how much freon to put
in ac and proper guage readings
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