1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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It leaks?

i don't know what to do i check all wiring to the plugs. its not getting no spark

i have replaced the aic,crank shaft sensor, tbc,map sensor,cam sensor,coil, cap and bug and my truck still is running ruff i have 97 dodge ram 1500 5.9 lilter engine

Driver side power lock does not lock or unlock either door.
Pass door lock only locks and unlocks the Driver door. This is a real pain if I have a passenger. Help Please. and Thank you for taking time to answer my question.

Both joints are rusted and loose

Get to 45mph and it is bad shaking n jumping. Let off the gas and it stops immediately. Can coast as fast as I want with no issue. It only starts when accelerating.Please Help!!! Was only once in awhile at first now its worse n won't stop!

i bought a 97 lifted ram 1500. the guy told me that it has an electronic shift kit in it which causes the check engine light to come on. i took it to advanced to have find out the code and I got a p0470- torque converter clutch, no revolutions per minute drop at lock up... I havent the slightest clue what that means, or if the shift kit is the reason the light is on. besides an occasional trans slip when floored the truck runs with no far!

I started having trouble with trans not shifting by its self.would shift just fine if shifted by hand.took it to shop and was told it was the governor pressure sensor and the governor pressure solenoid Changed these still have same problem but now have two codes P0740and P0440. any ideal what's my problem ?

Truck has no power and bogges down down when given throttle. I have changed the plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Still did not fix the problem. Replaced the throttle position sensor and thought I found the problem but still bogges down. I removed the throttle body and thoroughly cleaned it and the IAC. Still no change. Discconected the Map sensor and no change in starting. Was told to try to remove a oxygen sensor as this could be the problem. I removed one of the o2 sensor and no change. I would note that the truck starts right up and has a smooth idle. I then checked the fuel pressure. It read 52 PSI and dropped quickly. Checked it again and it read 35 PSI. Checked it again and the needle was bouncing rapidly so I am thinking ok a bad fuel pump. I would note that the old pump was engaging. So I replaced the fuel pump. Thought problem would be fixed. No. I still have the same problem. Any ideas. Thank you. PS I have not re-checked the fuel pressure as of yet.