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I have a 1997 RAM 1500 that when I bought it, the sunroof housing is gone.
All I have is the cut out hole in the cab.
It measures 19" x 32". There are two electrical wires showing. Therefore, I have concluded that it was an electric sunroof. How do I determine the size of an aftermarket sunroof to fit it?
Pedal goes to floor. Can be pumped up, but after a few minutes goes to floor again. Noticed after turning truck off that fluid was dripping/running from top of reservoir. It is equipped with a vacuum power boost. There are no diagnostic codes coming up when checked.
Starting when hot it spins and spins four or five times more than normal and sometimes doesn't start. Letting it set for a few hours until cold, it starts right up. The check engine light comes on sometimes but I just had it tuned up.
How do I fix or find out what is wrong?
My step-father says their is a specific way to do it, I just say you've gotta align the knicks to face eachother. Sowho'se right? Thank you for your time.
Bell housing and the rubber gromet fell inside.. do I need to replace the gromet n what's my next step in driving the vehicle?
Warmed up. Does not run bad or idle rough it's just like you shut the key off
This has never happened befor. Truck always ran well. But took about 10 revolutions of engine befor it would start.
It has strong flow but it only comes out to cool windshield
AC had not worked for over a year. It was checked for leaks and recharged approx. 200 miles ago. $100. Blew cold air at first but has steadily diminished to almost no cool air at all. Compressor runs for a few seconds and quits for a few seconds. Constantly cycles like this, several cycles per minute. Any input greatly appreciated - have 1000 mi. plus trip coming up this week. - tasker
The truck was broken into and now I am replacing the cylinder lock. The issue is, when the truck isn't running and the key is turned a quarter of the way to the start positioned I have the fans (a relay is connecting power?), then I turn it to start and a relay powers the starter, however I lose power to the fans. If I turn the key backwards to get the fans back on the truck dies
Ac evaporator and ac condenser and thermostat and water pump changed and lower radiator hose but I still have no coolant going though and over heats could it be the radiator
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