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My ac does not work right if it's 60 to 70 degrees it runs cold if it's 80 to 90 it runs hot how to fix it

Power train module confirmed.No voltage output for automatic shutdown

I have checked the wiring harness and the bulbs, they are not the problem. My backup lights don't work

everytime i put in reverse

Fluid is dripping from driver's side at the front of the vehicle. The radiator cap is on the passenger side of the radiator.

Ok so, i have a 1997 Dodge Ram 4x4 with a 5.2L V8 automatic. And i just replaced the transmission, but i haven't been able to start it or drive it yet because for some reason when i go to shift it from (P)park to (R)reverse and then (N)nutural to (D)drive then (2nd) to (1st) it shifts WAY to easy. And doesn't feel like its really shifting at all. But all of the linkages are hooked up tho. And then i go to put it all the way back up to (P)park it makes a clunking sound each time that i shift it from (1st) back up to (P)park. And it sounds like the clunking noise is on the firewall like by the steering column. Does anybody have any idea what it could be? Please let me know. Thank you!

we can hear a click when we try to roll it down by using the button

I have been working on my truck. For almost a year now. I have changed out my spark plugs, spark plug wires, New distributor cap, New coil pack, changed out the crank sensor, changed out coolant temp sensor, and still no fire to to the motor. But the funny thing is when I put the code reader on it start right up, and when I unplugged the code reader it dies. What will be the problem, and how can I resolve it? Please any suggestions or answers PLEASE HELP ME

My engine light was on in my 1997 dodge ram 1500 v8 magnum, since I got it a month ago. I had several PO Codes and changed the O2 sensor and all I had left was 2 Solenoid codes. Tonight I checked fuses because my radio shuts as soon as I turn on the car and I saw that the fuel pump fuel (i believe) was missing and another was loose. I switched the 40A fuse from the trailer lights to the missing one and now the engine light is off and there are no PO Codes. Is this possible?? I feel like a fool for not checking this sooner but I am the furthest thing from a mechanic and just learning. I admit I love it and excited to learn more.
Thanks for your help.