1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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When I take off in Drive the transmission feels like its still in 2nd gear and will not shift automatically. If i pull it down into 2nd gear from drive when taking off, then shift manually everything is fine. Overdrive is working fine also. any ideas what may be causing this?

Would a bad EGR valve cause my 96 ram with a 5.2 V8 to act like it is starving for fuel at 3000rpms it starts and idles perfectly

On the gas pedal

Replace the switch checked all the fuses every other light works

All of the lights work except the headlights put in a new switch still have nothing

then after a bit it will return to normal. only happens after having driven some distance. i do get a code that states speed sensor.

On freeway at 65-70 mph it drives and downshifts fine! Did anybody else have this problem?

What is the fuel range on the 96 ram 1500 v6 manual with the 26 gallon and or the 35 gallon gas tank

Im wondering what size gas tank is in a 96 dodge ram 1500 standard cab long bed

Does it need to be pressed out

cant figure out why when you switch to dim light want come on

its a dodge truck 1996 model

Specific diagram of the connection between gas tank and Rubber Necking that's clamped to the filler neck

when it turns over the speed ometer bounces . I pulled the instrument cluster and pluged in different bulb , it would flash on then off but wouldnot stay on with key on. tried obd and it would not flash. pluged in obd under dash and it failed to connect.

i've changed cranck position sencor and still runs find tell warms up. the check engine light comes on and goes off took it to get codes read they said it was o2 sencor. put on two different coils. new cap roter plugs roter. thanks for your help in this matter.