1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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I'm trying to figure out where it went without tearing apart the whole dash
As I drive it continualy ticks..No rocks or nails in the tire
while at a normal idel,was prepairing to jump starta chevy s-10 the Dodge slipped out of park into reverse all by it self. HOW? and why would that happen?
i put a new swich in still geting to hot ,stock one burnt up
When I go up a hill & accelerate ,the a/c blower stops. When it levels off ,the blower comes back on. Sounds like a small door closing under the dash near the floor.
headlight swich has gotten so hot it melted the swich and the plug.
About a month ago, driving at steady highway speed, level terrain, truck goes thump, like a hard shift, then runs normally. This happened a couple of times then one morning the engine died completely. I pulled over, stopped, and the engine restarted immediately with no further problem. Next time I restarted without stopping. This morning it died and would not start for several minutes. Then it started and ran normally. Today the water can light was on while it wouldn't start. No codes displayed except 12, 37, 41 ("battery disconnected" from a dead battery a month ago) which are always shown. Occurs at highway speed, normal engine temp at 200. I filled the tank last week and this morning it was almost full. Engine has about 80,000 miles one it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
after changing the distirbutor cap that when the problem distirbutor cap wasnt tight.tighted down now it wont start turn ove but wont start
He has changed the TPS (Throttle Postion Sensor) still no luck. Truck acts like it wants to die not enough fuel. He is no mechanic and is completely at a loss. He will not take my advice I think it has something to do with the fuel filter or something. I say start small and work up to the big stuff,thats what my dad always did and he was a mechanic. Please help me out He is driving me crazy.
van is still heating up. replaced water pump and top radiator hose and removed the thermostat. what could be the reason it is still heating up?
i have a 1995 dodgr ram 1500 v6 ,it run fine with out ththe pvc valve ,but i dont want to continue like this
When I accelerate my blower keeps running but it does not blow thru the vents.
the water pump on my dodge ram 1500 van is still leaking after replacing it.I think it is the hose that goes into the top of the water pump. any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
need piocturte of water pump for this van
Recently when I pulled the switch to turn my headlights on, the dash and parking lights came on but the headlights would not come on. I also noticed that the hi beam indicator light will not come on or the turn signals. I'm not a mechanic but I can do most repairs if I know what the problem is. Do I need to replace the switch that is located on the upper left corner of the dash or the dimmer switch on the steering column? I've had a problem in the past with the lights going out when their on hi beam. I've already tried changing the bulbs, did not help. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.
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