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about a month ago my truck started acting like it was having a hard time shifting into it won't shift out of first gear at all.its an automatic transmission.the oil has been serviced regularly and all the fluids seem to be will go into reverse,drive and all the other gears but won't shift out of first gear while in drive. i really need some answers on this!
1995 ram 1500, 5.2. got 134k miles on it. this has happened 3 times now, if im driving at 65 or faster, after roughly 15 miles, i lose all power. the entire truck shakes under attempted acceleration, it wants to just bog down, and it back fires terribly.

might be unrelated, but before this happens i lose heat also. ill turn the truck off and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, turn it back on, and it drives fine again.

im also using quite a bit of oil, about 1 quart every 1000 miles, so plenum may be another issue. anything i can check? i have an oxygen sensor and cat delete coming in just to see what happens. the motor and computer is not throwing any codes. only modification is a flowmaster 44 muffler. thanks in advance.
i have put 400.00 dollars in sofar and still running like crap. Ive changed the pressure regulater/filter ,plugs,wires,dis,rotor button,
ive done some research online but cannot find what im looking for. what is the causes for the codes and what do i need to do to fix them?
looked all over the front of the engine cant find the sensor anywhere any Ideas where to look
it was running good I shut it off when I tried to start it the next morning there was no spark at the coil what next the cam sensor cant find it or do I replace the ecu or could it be the coil I don't have a scanner but I do have a digital ohm meter
I want to buy a used 95 ram 1500 p/u, owner said he replaced radiator 4 times since new in 95. This isnt normal so what could be wrong ? also says he replaced the rearend and the new midshaft bearing bad after only 2 years.
My Ford Truck man father informed me that he believes the head is warped. When it comes to all things Dodge, he won't even look at it, unless it is to get the cattle to market and his FORD is down. He states the engine overheaded. Other than that, I have no idea of symptoms, due to fact the truck is in Blanco County, TX and I'm in Harris County, TX...going home this weekend to look at the truck.
Had the spark plugs and the wires changed cause it was jerking and backfire and now it does it when I accelerate
Just replaced engine. Only used block, heads and distributor from new engine. After replacement it now runs terrible after it warms up. Replaced cam sensor, crank sensor IAC, MAP, TPS, coolant temp sensor and spark plugs. Has new injectors and 40psi fuel pressure. Runs "ok"(drivable but not great) till the thermostat opens and then starts to pop and fart and barely run. No codes present. Good fuel pressure. Timing marks are about 5 degree before TDC, Vacuum is a little low but not terrible.
vehicle ran great until this happened
The head of the pigtail broke on the electrical line going into the fuel pump and I need to rewire a new one on there
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