1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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Clutch replaced about 2 years ago no problems. No previous leaks. Was driving 45 mph on level ground when it happened.
could i check oh and the brake light womt work
I tried to start it would turn over but not start so I replaced the fuel pump still nothing checked fuses all good what should I do next spark plugs and wires?
For the last few weeks, it has been an off and on problem. Also what size fuse and where located. Service manual does not indicate. Recently, had work done on engine, water pump and intake manifold replacement, also all water hoses replaced.
We drove it home that night with no issues. The next morning we got out on the highway and it decides to not shift out of first gear. Everything else works such as park, neutral, and reverse. But just wont shift into second. What happened overnight?
Just bought this truck. Want to install new stereo as it is missing. Someone just cut all the wires to the radio so I have no idea what wires go where. I need help! Its a single cab truck with 2 speakers behind seat and 2 speakers in the doors. Thank you.
I have got the trucks cracked up dash off. . Noticed why the radio not working. there is not even a wire harness to hook it up.. Just for looks i guess.. The wires are open cleaned like your hand spread apart. But i checked the fuses replaced the bad ones. . Nothing .the brake switch has a zip tie holding it on the mounting braket. i took it out put it in right. .got new brake switch. So nothing still. does the lights and signals I'm problematic with have any thing to do with the radio wires being exposed ?what switch is it .?if so they they run together i can change it out too.
I replaced the coil so far.
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