1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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Freeze plug blown out on right side in the middle
I have a middle blown freeze plug on the left side of motor what do I need to do to replace it correctly
How to replace middle freeze plug on left side of the motor.
What do I have to do to replace a blown middle freeze plug on the left side of a ram with a 360
The truck will shift into other gears like 1 2 3 but will not move. You can put it in reverse and it starts to move fine. Only happens now and then. While it is not moving but in drive, it will rev up but not move?
Yes fan clutch is working just fine. I thought it might be my gauge so I put a aftermarket gauge on it and it still showing running hot around 220 to 240. It does just fine as long as I don't use my a.c.. But soon as I use a.c. it slowly starts getting hot.
My truck runs hot when I turn a.c. on and I've done put new water pump new thermostat new temperature sensor. And also I notice if I leave it running with the air on it don't get hot as long as I don't put radiator cap back on. But soon as I put the cap back on radiator it slower goes up to 230 240. Can somebody help me figure this out
My 95 dodge ram 1500 don't get hot a bit till I turn on the a.c. then it slowly runs up to 220 -240 and stays unless I turn off the a.c.. Can somebody help me please.
Changed out crankshaft censore still not working
My truck has always started right away. I keep up the maintenance. Lately it turns over but does always start right away. It's getting worse. It's not a fuel pump problem or tune up issue. Pump is only a few months old and not close to tune up time. Could it be the ignition switch? Or what do you think?
Around 2 weeks ago I broke my water pump, got it to my house though before it overheated, it cooled down and I look to see what it was, notice it def was the water pump ( all liquid from it was gone within 5-10 minutes) Knowing that I was like, well okay maybe if I replaced the water pump, got my dad to help me out and everything. Anyways yesterday tried to start it up after replacing the water pump, and nothing happened, it sounded very light when cranking. Very hard to explain, but it sounded like it wasn't making any loud noise like it would sound when u crank a regular truck up. Anyways tried charging the battery just in case and still won't crank, is the moter shocked because of the over heating. Any ideas? Let me know, thanks :)
Do I have to clamp the springs down...o was told I do and I was told I dont
and then it may run for awhile like a hour or then maybe 5 mins
All the time
If I give it any gas it dies
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