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When I start the truck up the oil pressure gauge reads normal. When I accelorate the oil pressure gauge drops to almost nothing. If I let off teh gas the pressure returns some. Is this a sensor issue or an oil pump issue?
why is this happening?? I think fuel filter is clogged!my email is it act like it is running out of gas,I had the injectors cleaned.
My truck starts but when i press on the gas the engine acts like it want to bog out i changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap I also changed the Throttle Position Sensor and air flow sensor on the Throttle body but i am still having the same problem could it be me fuel pump that causing by not giving the engine enough gas it idols just fine
I have a 1994 dodge ram v8 it starts up great but seems to want to cut off I changed the spark plugs and wires got a new Z-BWD series Cap(C274Z) for it but it seem to want to cut off when I give it gas and it will not pick up speed I have no leaks of any kind and 17000 miles on it
I just put a new motor in my truck. When putting it in we cut the wire on the crank sensor so I put a new one on. I had the truck running in the driveway and it died. Now it won't start. It turns over, but I am not getting any fire. I also replaced the PCM and that didn't work. Any solutions?
I have a engine wiring problem with my 1994 Dodge Ram 1500; When I drive in forward gear the engine shakes and runs very it back fires when I step on the gas pedal - No power at all!!

But, when I drive it in reverse gear, the engine runs smooth and fine...No back fire or running rough!!!

My truck has been parked for about a month now, because of this problem, I had a complete tuned-up in the fall of 2010, everything was fine up to this point. My buddy and I checked the spark plugs wires to see if they were not loose and also made sure the distributor cap was secure...and we checked the spark plugs to see if they were gapped right.

Everything checked out okay!

When my friend and I were just about to give up, we tried one more thing - my friend put the truck in forward gear and held the brake while giving it some gas; Under the hood there's a bunch of wires in a black curly tube on the body of the truck above the engine...I started shaking that tube of wires and the engine smoothe it self out and wasn't running rough anymore.

So, I drove it around for about 20 minutes everything was fine, I guess once the engine got hot...the problem started up again - running rough, back firing, No power when I stepped on the gas. This only happen's in forward gear, it doesn't happen in reverse gear!!

We think it's a bad wire some where,that's broken, rusty or hitting against the engine, but where do I look...what wire would cause this type of problem?

Need Help Bad!

Thank You,
Terry Clark
temp gauge in-op. location of gauge temp sending unit.
My transmission on my dogde ram 1500...I think is going out! when I got of the highway and stopped at the traffic light and the turned green; my truck wouldn't go forward...But it does go in reverse. I check the transmission fluids to make sure it up...And it was!!! Do I need a new trans?
Well my exhaust in my truck shoots out under my truck because there is a hole. I was wondering if i actually have to replace it, or if i can just get a sheet of metal that fits the hole and is the same thickness of the metal on the cat. and just weld that over the hole. Can i do that?
I have had this problem for about 4 or 5 weeks I can be in a high gear and low rpms in my dodge ram 1500 1994 and I will get a sudden jump, or miss firer and I have to hold the gas at a high rpm for it not to do it. But wat gets me is it don't do it all the time only like every other time I drive my truck it weird and was thinken fuel filter, oxagen sencer, map sencer, or mybe possibile somthin to do with my vaccume lines or somthin in that departpement. but if theres anyway yall could help me out I would greatly apprecatate it. Thanks
truck has a 5.2 engine truck started running really rough backfiring and sputtering like it was running out of gas until it stalled out on me i got it to start back up got about 6 blocks down the road and it died again this time not starting back up it turns over but it will not start i took of the throtle body and cleaned it real good but no help same thing a few people have told me it probably the fuel pump but i want to be sure thats the problem before i go dropping the gas tank and spending money on a part i dont need HELP
after driven the truck a short time or once it warms up it will die.. after it cools down it will start
drove home from work, parked 30 min later tried to leave from home and the engine would not fire. the check engine light is on but everything seems to be in working order.
like to have some kind of clue,before i call a mechanic.
Rented a computer scanner code 37 came up and read tranny temp. sensor voltage high would it have anything to do with me not getting fire to spark plugs. i done changed the ignition coil rotor boug distributor cap and the pick up coil what else can it be?
Leaking rear wheel seal. replace right rear seal.
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