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I have put some older resistors in line with it but it makes it stay on 0. Thanks
✔ Plugs and wires. Fuel pump working. It cranks but will not turn over
truck turns over but wont start
truck turns over but wont start
I i have changed the coil and no spark to the coil ihave replaced all the sensors in tranny why wil it not start
My truck stopped running like it went out of gas while i was driving. I determined it was the fuel pump and had it replaced. The truck ran fine for 4 days, I went to start it and it wouold crank but not turn over. I realized the fuel pump runs without the key in the ignition but shuts off the minute I try to start it. The pressure is 40lbs the relay is good on all relayts in the box, the connector to the fuel pump is a one way connect so no splicing errors on my part. Im at a loss and no one has seen this before Please help
Engine turns over but does not start I have retrieved code 11 and 37, any help would be appreciated
started leaking around rear main now throwing oil around dipstick
it causes my starter not to engage or click
it causes my starter not to engage or click
This is the first time this has happened.
changed the map senson also had to remove the cat converter
the engine fails, but the fault is not constant, it comes off fluctuations and recovers and has burst on the engine when it fails, and was changed spark plugs, oxygen sensor, cap distruibuidor cables, high sensor crankshaft, the IAC, fuel pump, and continues to fail, the computer does not throw fault codes. thanks for the help
I just change a egr valve on my truck when press the pedal its tight and I not getting any power sound rough like it gone dead but dosen't. want to know what i am doing wrong.
just changed intake manifold gaskets now engine runs really poor, idles rough, no power, and it bogs out help!
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