1994 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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Runs good everything has been rebuilt but when I put the throttle to the floor only when going up hill it doesn't gain anymore power
right rear brake line leaked fluid and brakes went to floor and this black gray wire burned on the ignition switch Help.
when it will not accelerate I can give the accelerator a fair amount of pressure for it to go but the RPM gets extremely high any ideas on what I should do
Had a leak at the speedometer sensor pulled it put it back in and now I have no speedometer
Truck ran just fine, then got in turned the key no starter action. Disconnected cables, cleaned, charged battery, reinstalled. Will not crank over, jumped starter relay and replaced, neutral safety switch, jumped starter and it does work fine. WCM where should it be if it has one. Do you have a pic or description. In advance Thank You.
Recently having more rain then usual, but engine is dry.
also replaced brake switch at pedal
I smelled something burning, then dark smoke started blowing out of the air vents. The AC was on at the time. I stopped and open the hood. There was nothing visible. The smoke cleared, but the burn smell continued for a couple of days. AC is working, but not blowing strong
I was going about 35 mph the death wobble hit, threw the transfer case into 4wh, after slowing and disengaging, it will not reengage. Didn t experience any noises other than shuddering like hell!
it is a white wire a brown wire and a purple/white wire that came loose from the switch
should the coil wire coming from the coil, make a spark to ground? not getting any kind of fire.
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