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Was Intermittent but now nothing works on steering wheel
Have a 2010 dodge nitro 4x4, had front brakes installed, tires rotated and front wheel alignment done. After I had this work done my ABS light comes on, then traction control and then I loose power and have difficult time stopping because brake pedal gets stiff. Also since this was done the front end of my ride feels loose and makes me nervous driving around a curve
Turned the headlights on, wipers stopped & shifted out of park. This has happened twice.
Can computer be bad
Error code C1219 for a 2010 Dodge Nitro 4L
Replaced spark plugs....and new battery
It overheats after I drive it..what do you think the problem is..thank you
New battery went bad, # 3 battery in 11/2 Yrs. could battery have anything to do with why it won't stay started. Dodge says battery could have messed the computer system up. All this 2 months after warranty was up. Also why no a/c just HOT air.
It still runs ok..a few times it has trouble starting.. It just does not odd noises. Just once it died at a Light.Light is off again it run good has low mpg.was told by a mechanic it need a valve job..650.00..108,000 miles on it..
when i let off brakes down hear i hear a noise in the back
the airbag light is coming on and going off today is Saturday I can no reach a dealer until Monday can I drive it this weekend.
I took to dealer. They just had me "turn-off" the anti skid switch Dealer could not find a problem
Anyone else had this issue? Resolved?
115,000 miles and bought it new. Love my Nitro
This if my first real problem.
My door will unlock manually on the driver side door.There is no way for me to unlock the back lift door.
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